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New Samsung smart watch passes through FCC, possibly powered by Android Wear

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Samsung has released quite a few smart watches this year, and still has plans for more. There are rumors of a smart watch with a SIM slot that works independently of your smartphone, as well as an Android Wear smart watch to be sold alongside all the Tizen powered ones the company has already released. And thanks to the FCC, we might now know the model number of the latter.

According to FCC documents, the SM-R382 has a face that’s 46mm tall. This is 10mm shorter than the Samsung Gear 2, which means it probably lacks things like a camera and a physical home button. Both hint at the possibility of this being powered by Android Wear, since the operating system does not support either. It could also be some budget smart watch, but that seems less likely.

I’m happy to see that Samsung is striving to support Android Wear despite having its own line of Tizen-powered smart watches. This means that Android Wear gets more attention and support, which can only be a good thing. Hopefully the product will be good and not intentionally neutered to make the Gear 2 look good. Would you buy a Samsung watch powered by Android Wear?

Via: SamMobile
Source: FCC (2)

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  • Canuckle215

    I would support a samsung smart watch powered by Android Wear, but only if they finally got off their arse and put some R&D into good aesthetics. The Gear line, to date, are the fugliest things I’ve seen (save maybe the Fit) and as much as I want to be out of the Samsung eco-system, I could be tempted IF it looks and performs better than the Moto360 or the G-Watch from LG.

    Holding my breath though. These are the early days of Android Wear, and Samsung shined in the earlier days of Android. Let’s see if they can repeat.