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Next version of Android to feature Project Volta to improve battery life

Android battery saver

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean brought us Project Butter, Google’s attempt at optimizing the visuals of Android to take advantage of the hardware and be as smooth as possible. It made our devices a whole lot smoother. With the latest version of Android, currently referred to as Android L, Google has a new project in store called Project Volta.

Instead of focusing on looks, Project Volta focuses on usability, specifically battery life. Volta contains a lot of changes, including new ways to monitor your battery. Battery Historian will be a better way to see what is actually draining your battery, as the current battery screen is pretty useless when something is chewing through amp hours.

There’s also a new Job Scheduler API that will allow the device to sleep for longer periods of time by scheduling tasks at more efficient times during downtime. And of course, there is a new Battery Saver mode that limits CPU clock, background data, and more. There’s a lot more to it behind the scenes, just like with Project Butter, but it should be good stuff.

One of Android’s weak points has always been battery, and manufacturers have been working very hard to get around this deficiency. It’s good to see Google focus on it in stock Android, as it not only trickles down to other OEMs, but it also will please Nexus users. What do you guys think about Project Volta?

Source: Android Central

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  • Alan

    Glad to hear it – this is the No 1 improvement they need to make!

  • BlazeHN

    Yes PLEASE; everything is more than we need this days, processor, ram, ridiculours and unnecesary imba high screen resolutions, etc. Everything except BATTERY which actually is worse and worse everytime with more power hunger phones but the same battery technology and phones being slimmer and slimmer everytime making the batteries unnecesary smaller everytime (do we REALLY need paper thin phones?).

    Battery life SHOULD and HAVE to be the main concern this days.