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Nokia may have just teased the launch date of the Nokia X successor

Nokia Countdown

Nokia and Microsoft’s foray into Android may be one of the odder things we’ve seen, but the Nokia X has still sold alright in developing countries. But with the Nokia X growing aged, whispers of a successor have been swirling around. That successor could be coming sooner than we thought, as Microsoft and Nokia have posted a new countdown on the Nokia Conversations blog. The countdown is slated for June 24, and a green and white image above the countdown is entitled, “Green with envy.”

The blog post also says this, “Summer brings out our inner glow…stay tuned to Conversations to find out what we’ve got in store.” A bit ominous, no?

What makes us suspect a Nokia X successor is the coloring of the image. All promo materials for the Nokia X featured the same green color, and with the age of the Nokia X, now would be a logical time for a successor. The rumor mill is also tipping us off, as there aren’t any rumors surrounding a new Nokia Windows Phone coming out. What else could Nokia be announcing? Well, something from the Nokia X family would fit perfectly into that category.

What would you like to see in a Nokia X successor? Better specs? Global availability?

Via: Android Central

Source: Nokia Conversations

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    “with the age of the Nokia X, now would be a logical time for a successor”

    Isn’t this phone only like 3 months old? Why is it already time for a successor? I get it’s an underpowered phone but if it’s so underpowered that it’s considered “aged” in 3 months, isn’t that screaming another problem?

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