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OnePlus giving out 2500 invites and a free 64GB One


Oh boy, more OnePlus news? Yeah, we know, but this time it’s better. Instead of announcing delays or some other silly way to get people to buy invites so they can buy a phone, the company has announced a giveaway. It’ll be giving away 2,500 invites, which will allow the people to buy the phone. Not a very good giveaway, is it? Luckily, it’s also giving away a single OnePlus One, in the 64GB Sandstone Black flavor.

I don’t quite understand giving away invites. It’s giving away the privilege to buy the device, so you’ll need to be spending money anyway. You just win a chance to buy it. However, the giveaway for the device itself is a little more exciting. It would be great to win a free device, so people should get on that!

The entries are simple, asking you to follow on Facebook and Instagram and tweet out a link. You can get multiple entries to increase your chance of winning. We know that a lot of people are mad at OnePlus, but a free device is a free device!

Source: OnePlus

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  • ALee101

    I would buy this phone, but I am not jumping through hoops to give them money. Get your crap together, OnePlus.

  • Donald

    I get very annoyed with things like this. I am not on Facebook, nor do I do Instagram. Whatever happened to just an email address to enter such giveaways?

  • namesib

    I really can’t believe they are still sticking to this invitation crap despite the backlash. Whoever is directing this shambles doesn’t have a clue.

  • Reynald Goguen

    Free phone? What?

  • Josh Noel

    I would love to have a chance to get the OnePlus despite everything that has happened. I am annoyed at what has happened though. It is to much effort.

  • Tro

    Not interested. OP is rude and disrespect its customer. They post a female dog unboxing OPO is insulting, this implying their customer is a bitch is not acceptable.

  • Demola

    Jump through hoops to spend money?

  • jj

    I would buy one of these handsets tomorrow if I could walk into any phone shop to get one. I don’t think its a marketing gimmick with the invites. I think its more down to production. They are a new company and they are not manufacturing thousands of phones unless they know they’ll sell them all. Its good business sense.

  • jj

    Can I have a free phone?

  • tejal

    can i get a invite for 64 gb one plus?

  • sm

    Is this one plus one 64gb free for 2500 invitees?

  • dominick davis

    Need a invite

  • junny

    I hope they just make the phone available and do e. If would be better if they allowed you to pre order the phone…

    I understand it a marketing gimmick but they are loosing alot of people that would be interested buying the phone b4. Right now I rather wait on the note 4 and pay $800 than wait for a invite which I may never get.

  • Nash

    Status: Awaiting 64g Invite…..

  • Justin

    Let’s get serious. Oneplus is shooting itself in the foot by delaying the general release of the phone. It was supposed to be available late June . Now they announced sometime in q3. Are you kidding me? Let’s say they let you buy it in July. Now they only have two months before their latest cutting edge phone becomes yesterday’s news. Samsung is releasing the galaxy note 4 in September along with the iphone 6. And don’t count on One plus being able to release a upgraded phone. They can’t even get their first one off the ground. What a failure of a company.

  • Robby Boon

    Pleas can I get your invite, I desperately want a OnePlusOne. My whole family would thank you.

  • indeed 2

    Please, please can I get 3, yes three phones for free ? Probably not… Anyway until I see what I’m buying I’m not giving you a dime, oneplus

  • Cliff D

    If anyone has a spare invite I would appreciate one. Thanks for your consideration.

  • li ka shing

    I have loads of money and I still don’t dig the invite shit. I’m gonna buy the company over and be done with.

  • adiel

    I like phones like this because is good for useing emu n work n good think is got cm 11s hope i win

  • simen fjeldeeeee

    please can i get on invite

  • farah

    please give me an invite of sandstone black version of oneplus one…..PLEASE

    • vasilis

      I found in oneplus eu also .no need invite with free tempered glass screen protector,protective case,car charge,OTG cable etc. they sent it from a Europe Uion country