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OnePlus One accessories previewed in new photos


Are you one of the lucky folks that’ve managed to get hold of a OnePlus One? Well today OnePlus made an announcement that will help you to protect your hard-to-come-by handset.

Over in its official forums, OnePlus has given us a preview of some of the accessories that it’s cooking up for the One. Included in the batch of add-ons are some hard plastic covers and a flip cover. Here’s a quick rundown on the goodies that’ve been announced so far:

  • Clear Case: See-through plastic case that covers the backside of the One, has cutouts for its buttons and event a small OnePlus logo beneath its camera cutout.
  • U.S. Charger: Exactly what it sounds like. Each OnePlus One comes with a charger, but OnePlus wanted to show the charger off anyway.
  • Shiny Yellow OnePlus Case: Features a design just like the Clear Case, but with a bright yellow hue.
  • OnePlus Screen Protector: Another accessory that’s exactly what it sounds like.
  • OnePlus Flip Cover: Protects the backside of the One and also wraps around to cover its display. Available in yellow and orange.

OnePlus hasn’t said when it plans to begin selling the accessories or how much they’ll cost. They do look like a nice set of add-ons, though, and even though the OnePlus One isn’t the most expensive smartphone ever, I’m sure that a lot of folks that’ve managed to snag a unit will want to shield it from the harsh elements.

Do you use any accessories with your phone or tablet? If so, what are they?

Source: OnePlus

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  • Steve Watkins

    All aboard the never ending 1+1 hype train… Toot toot!

    • Anon

      Better than paying for advertising. Keeping the price down seems smart to me.

  • Chas1010

    Wow, really a class act. I can see why this piece of crap beat the S 5 and Note 3 in your “Best 5 Phones of 2014″. Samsung clearly can not compete with this company.

    • nerdguy

      dont know if that was sarcasm… but oneplus clearly can compete, as they are offering a product with specs that rivals the s5, for less than half the price…

      • Chas10

        It is true that the Oneplus is cheap.

      • PEwpewdie

        One plus one isn’t even relevant. They can hype up when they can actually sell phones. They’re literally only selling 150 phones. That’s not even worth talking about. When that company actually sells phones to the public I’ll care. Util then I’ll just lol at every press release they drop and all the idiot drones that lap it up.

        • Anon

          You’re the one being lol-ed at. Haven’t you read the scheduled? Demand is so high they have to release it in stages. By the end of June they will be available to anyone.

  • hp420

    I want a 64GB oneplus, and I hope by the time I get one they make that case in orange!!

    • Chas10

      I hope you get your Oneplus. Sadly the way this company has performed so far it may be awhile. The Galaxy Note 4, HCT m9 and the Galaxy S6 might be out before they can deliver.

      • George

        Exactly well said… I hope this is going to happen… Almost 2 months after launch they are able to deliver only 100+150 phones… The time when it comes to public market you can get even Galaxy S10 also…

  • elsina

    I wanted to buy one so bad when it came out. I was looking to buy a new phone when it was released, ended up buying the nexus 5 because realistically you can’t purchase this phone with out some sort of contest.

  • Dregur

    Can anyone answer me this, how long was it between when the Galaxy S5 was announced, and when it was sold?

  • Steve

    Settle down everyone. The one plus stated it would be available in 2nd quarter and they plan on meeting that. Good things take time. To save 300 bucks and to get a 64gb phone at the same time, it’s worth the wait

    • BlazeHN


  • jay555

    Wow…i wonder if they’ll do an invite system for their accessories too. And when did a charger go from being standard equipment to an accessory? Why would you even bother to show that off? I don’t want to come off as a troll but OnePlus is quickly becoming a big joke to me.

  • BlazeHN

    I hope I win the “Post a picture with 10 friends with the OnePlus logo tattoed on your nose” for one of the 15 invites to enter the contest of “Record yourself saying the OnePlus specs backwards” to win one of the 10 invites to buy an oficial OnePlus screen protector. I’m so excited, I know I will make it!

    • sdwdw

      lolol, me too!!

  • Tim

    It doesn’t matter if the Note 4, iPhone 6, HTC, Nexus, LG etc. are released before you can get your hands on the OnePlus One. The OnePlus One is already half the price of the S5 and other current flagship devices and the specs are comparable to the top smartphones currently out now. If some of the newer smartphones are released, I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to be cheaper than what’s out right now and how much better can they be? I don’t see there being a huge gap with specs among the OnePlus One and the upcoming release of new phones. Everyone has their own preference though. I can’t make you believe or think how I do, I can only express my thoughts and opinion. But I can’t justify paying more than double for something with comparable specs. I will wait and buy a OnePlus One because I am not in a hurry.

    You can spend your money on whatever you want! I’m just choosing to save some cash and get a great phone!