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OnePlus One delayed again, CyanogenMod issues to blame


The OnePlus One marketing strategy has been sort of a mess. The advertising was strong, building a lot of hype for the device. If it was released into the height of all this hype, I think it would have been very successful. Unfortunately, the device has been delayed again and again, along with employing a silly invite system that takes forever for people to actually be invited. And don’t get me started on paying for invites.

However, it seems that the device has been delayed yet again. And apparently, many of these delays aren’t fully the fault of OnePlus, rather also having to do with CyanogenMod. Since CM powers the device on the software side, the company is responsible for keeping the software stable. And stable it was not, displaying bugs that shouldn’t be on production hardware.

As we previously mentioned, the software recently received a major update but we are still working on perfecting some final issues. For that reason, we can’t yet confirm the exact date that the phone will ship. We are tirelessly working to make the One the phone you've been waiting for and so we’re going to hold off until we know that everything runs smoothly before sending them off.

While we can’t blame OnePlus for wanting to hold this phone off and not release a buggy product, people are quickly losing interest. The company built up so much hype, and is now letting it die off. It’s sad, really. Are you still interested in the OnePlus One, or is it too late? Leave a comment!

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  • htowngtr

    lol, vaporware indeed

    time to move on from this device and their awful marketing strategy

    • Cwalden21

      I agree. Moto X+1 anyone?

  • Diabsoud

    As I expected…as soon as I saw how hard it was to get the device I knew it was coming. Anyway… I think Google’s Nexus line does what most of us want…sooo I stopped caring about the One+1 a while now…

  • sylvan

    I gave up and settled for a Moto X. Had to unfollow them on all the social media though; so irritating. #NeverSelling

  • Bayv

    It is a shame…..wanted it and wanted it, and then burned out on it……will be getting something else

  • cj100570

    I lost interest as soon as the invite system started. Why the hell would I compete to pay someone to buy their product? Never have and never will!

  • BlazeHN

    Never Selling!

  • Wantd1plus1

    I too wanted one badly… But as I posted and was hated on by the groupies on there : they are violating basic business 101…never ever make it difficult for customers to give you their money.. And I also posted saying that even the smallest company in China by now would have had plenty of time to build ample devices to make them widely available.. I speculated that there must be a significant hardware or software problem that is causing delay.. This was also shot down by the groupies and administrators.. I am over it.. I think the price on the nexus 5 has come down nicely and although I am a bit scared of the reports about screen that breaks very easily, I am going to try it out.

    • JOey

      I had a Nexus 5 and absolutely loved it. No issues with the screen for me. Can’t go wrong with a Nexus 5. Enjoy. Only reason I got rid of it was to get on a Verizon family plan (Verizon doesn’t support the Nexus 5).

      • Tom

        What issue with the screen? The onky problem, issue I have with the Nexus 5, which is a big problem, is sometimes I dont recieve calls. It would either go to voice mail for the caller or I would recieve a missed call later in the day or I would get nothing at all. Hopefully 4.4.3 fixes this. Other than that Im happy and waiting for the next Google tablet.


    I have always used a basic cellphone from Sprint. I have a Mac desktop and love the Apple O.S. I don’t like their
    greed and have waited 4 years for a meaningful update to their i-phone. Silly me, they are centered on the
    pleasing form of the phone and a few minor changes. If this new start-up company can send out a good product
    without bugs I can wait. My life does not revolve around technology, I like the great outdoor, real face to face conversation
    and for $350 for a good 1st smartphone with no contract I can wait.

    • Ambivalentech

      Most want the latest and greatest and they want it now. Refreshing to see someone that can wait as long as they deliver. I intend to wait till near the end of the year and hopefully they’ll have figured it out. Also enough time to see if they get rid of the invite system and if the Nexus line goes away or anything else pops up.

    • SGB101

      Save your money, and get a moto g. It’s not got the bells and whistles of a flagship device, but it is an excellent device for stupid little money.

      Although as you say you like the outdoors a camera may be important, the Moto G lacks in this category. But if you have a proper camera this may not be an issue.

      If you can wait 4+ years, the g will be perfect for you.

    • Tommy

      You don’t care about technology, and… huh? Wrong site bud

  • Nigel

    I began to smell the back pedalling and weeks ago I bought a new Nexus 5 in a sale, hoping the smell was incorrect.

    At the price for the spec, it still can’t be beaten, delay for quality reasons is a laudible excuse.

    Those who can wait still struggle to get this spec for this price, all other phones are higher cost.

  • hp420

    I really want one!! With all tghe rumors of the Nexus line being put out to pasture, this seems like the closest thing…but with all the hype deflating I’m not sure anyone else will buy it. The entire point of having a Nexus is the development, and if sales flop, development will dry up before anyone has a chance to get one, putting even more people off of buying one. It’s a big vicious catch-22, and at this point it may be all but avoidable. I seriously hope we see an equal contender come soon or I may end up with a huge piece of shit phone just because it’s got decent development behind it….and that’s the last thing I want!! I really ant to see this device succeed!!!

  • oxsvb

    I’m still interestet.
    Never Settle!

  • MyMilan

    My wait is over and I will no longer be buying the OnePlus, but I still wish them the best of luck. For me I will be getting the new Amazon phone or the iPhone 6 (if it has a 4.7″ screen or larger). Before too long the OnePlus will be outdated.

  • Steve Barry

    I’m still interested, but I have zero interest in paying for an invite. That deterred me right off the bat in hopes that in a reasonable time frame, I’d be able to buy the phone directly. I’m chomping at the bit to get off Sprint and go to T-Mob and this is the phone I’m waiting to it with. Hopefully they’ll get this sorted shortly and people can then just buy the phone without a silly invite.

  • Rahul

    I have already purchased the LG G2, dnt want this shit all

  • rdogerman

    Ya it is unfortunate, and I say that because I like what the people behind the company are trying to do but they will loose some sled. People who try something new often get beat up for it however, when the dust settles, and it will, I believe they will have a very good phone and at the price they are selling it it’s hard to ignore it. I’ll wait and when it’s finally available to the general public I’ll decide then.

  • Kevin

    I was going to get this but with all the problems Im going to get the LG3 I think the LG is a much better device. This is an example of how not to sell a smartphone.

  • ma

    I would still want it but the marketing word of mouth invite is just crap. Have a device on hand whenever customers come to want one.

  • mark

    On the contrary, surely the marketing has been great at building hype (something especially hard for an unknown new company, in a world where the media usually only endlessly hype feature phones with a fruit logo on them), but it’s the production that has hit problems.

    One problem I imagine they’d faced is demand far outstripping supply – the invite system is one way of dealing with this, as well as limiting availability whilst ironing out bugs. Even much larger companies like Google do this – and it seems to work well at building up yet more hype (even if it does seem annoying in the meantime). Just look at Google Glass.

    Yes, some people will get bored of waiting, but new people will come along. By that logic, no one will ever buy a phone again, because anything that isn’t released now is too long to wait (to the commenter above getting an Amazon or Apple phone, those aren’t due for months! People wait a whole year for the next Apple phone, and the Amazon phone has been hyped for well over a year – and I bet the Apple phone will have lesser specs than the One Plus One, at a much higher price, even my two year old Galaxy Nexus beats the iphones’ resolution).

    I believe they only ever claimed a fully availability date of late June, so it is ridiculous to claim you can’t buy one before official release date. I can’t buy a Note 4 either, wah, I’m bored of waiting and all the hype!

    A delay would be a shame, but this article and comments seem to imply we’ve already been waiting for ages. It was only announced in April, a short time compared to the endless hype we have to endure for some products.

  • jamal adam

    Quite honestly, It’s very disappointing to see so many delays and the fact that it’s invite only makes it even worse. I was actually liking the phone and what it was offering for such a great price but I feel that by the time they get around to it, I’ll be looking at better and newer smartphones.

  • nitpicker

    Will not give money to a monkey business. The device could be utter cowdung for all we know, and their marketing is just sad and parodic. This kind of stfu and take my money mentality in people just shows it’s a fools paradise.

  • alonso

    too late!! bye 1+1