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Oppo Find 7 now available for pre-order

Oppo Find 7

When the Oppo Find 7 was announced earlier this year, we were impressed. But for months now, only the younger, less powerful brother, the Find 7A, has been available. Today that changes. The Find 7 is officially¬†available for pre-order through Oppo’s online store. The Find 7 comes witt a $100 premium to the 7A, but for that $599 you get one of the best phones on the market.

For a specs refresher, the Find 7 features 5.5-inch QHD display, 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM, 13-megapixel camera, 3000mAh battery with quick charge technology, and for the one downside, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with Oppo’s Color OS overlay. The Find 7 is a GSM/LTE phone, which means that–in the US–you’re pretty much restricted to AT&T and T-Mobile and a few smaller carriers. The Find 7 is an incredible device, although we dearly wish that it ran Android 4.4 KitKat rather than Jelly Bean. Still, if you’re ready to pull the trigger, hit the source link below to pre-order.

What do you think about the Find 7? Would you purchase one?

Via: Oppo (Facebook)

Source: OppoStyle

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  • sere83

    $100 for 1gb more ram, no noticeable screen difference, more battery drain and worse performance. Just get the 7a instead

  • andrew white

    For $100 more why not buy into the latest technology instead of the ‘old’. It is still cheaper, around $250 less than the LG with the same screen and on-board storage.
    When you crop and zoom in on an image, the higher pixel count on the 1440p screen will result in a much sharper photo.
    You also get the optional carbon fibre black back plate on the ’7′also.

    • sere83

      It has no ‘Newer’ components. Same ram, same main board, same body, same camera, It also has the same CPU just clocked higher, which will make absolutely no difference to real world performance. In fact because of the higher resolution display it means that it will actually perform worse as the same cpu has to push more pixels putting more strain on the cpu and causing worse battery performance.

      Why pay more for worse cpu performance and worse battery? I severely doubt photos crops will look much sharper at all, i think it will be very hard to tell the difference between the 2.

  • renshin

    already available in indonesia. with PO discount 1.000.000 IDR (aprox. 83USD).

  • lerel

    the phone was built around performance if you have not tested the device don’t make false accusations of it. the find 7a and the find 7 premium have a huge difference between the two. you may not notice it yourself but others have and if your gonna slam them on screen pixels you might as well slam lg g3 and the vivo xplay while your at it