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Possible NVIDIA SHIELD 2 passes through FCC

NVIDIA Shield 2

The NVIDIA SHIELD is coming up on its first birthday and, while its still a great device, it’s about due for a refresh. Fortunately, it appears that one is on the way as a new NVIDIA product resembling the SHIELD has just passed through the FCC. The P2570 can be seen in a render looking like a very SHIELD-like game controller. The 2013 SHIELD held the model number of P2450 and this new model number follows in a sequential order, furthering the probability that this is the SHIELD 2.

The picture shows very few physical differences from the original SHIELD, which isn’t necessarily bad as the SHIELD was quite well-designed. The internals are where most of the change should happen with a new Tegra K1 chip powering the system. The display should also see a bump up from 720p.

Did you buy the original SHIELD? Are you interested in buying the SHIELD 2?

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • Elronza

    Sweetness I can not wait to preorder the next version of the shield! I am an owner of the current shield and it is my favorite console/handheld of all time.


    I want it NOW!!!

  • AVahne

    Lovely, can’t wait to see if they made additional improvements. I’m going to skip on this one like I did the original, but I’m really hoping that nVidia keeps up this Project Shield product line. I’m waiting for the version that will have the Tegra Erista; I have a feeling that SoC’s potential power will keep me satisfied in the mobile gaming for many years to come.

  • chadagain

    yup. yup.

  • Ndavid

    I love my shield. I’ve heard a lot about the k1 and how its suppose to overheat so I will wait maybe a month or so until I am sure that it functions correctly. Portal and half life 2. I can’t wait to see what exclusives that this one will bring

    • renz

      There were a lot talk about K1 will be power hungry beast and will overheat. But at the very least I believe the power consumption will not bad as people like to believe (some phoronix member already made power consumption test on Jetson TK1). On the overheat problem that’s depends a lot on how OEM design their device.