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Razer announces gaming micro-console powered by Android TV, coming this fall

Razer Gaming Console

Now that we’ve all had a day to relax and recuperate after Google’s onslaught of announcements at Google I/O, it’s time to look at some of the smaller things. Razer has announced that it’ll be taking full advantage of one of Google’s newest inventions, Android TV. Razer has a micro-console coming this fall that will be powered by Android TV. Unsurprisingly for Razer, the set-top box will be focused on gaming, both casual and intense, although it will of course be able to do everything else that can be done with Android TV.

Razer is keeping the specs close to the chest, but the above picture shows a simple black box with neon green lighting, a signature of Razer. The micro-console can be controlled either by voice or through your Android device. We’d also assume that the UI could be navigated entirely through the gaming controller that should come with the device. Pricing wasn’t specific, but Razer says that it will be “affordable.” In any case, we’re looking forward to giving it a test come fall.

Would you rather have an Android TV set-top box or have it built directly into your TV?

Source: Wired

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  • droidweb

    I’d really like to see one of these Android TV units support Steam in-home streaming (http://store.steampowered.com/streaming/). That would be a killer feature in itself

  • Jay Kean

    I’d definitely prefer to have a smart-tv box over a smart tv. 8 year old accidently swung a wii-mote into your screen? No biggie, its $700 to replace it, rather than $1700 for a full HD Smart TV. Want to update to the latest version of Android TV but can’t due to hardware limitations? No worries, the box only cost $200.
    And of course, once manufacturers get behind it properly, there will be different flavours. Guaranteed, Galaxy S devices will be given special treatment on Samsung devices.

  • SGB101