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Samsung Galaxy F leaks in new ‘Perfect Golden’ color


The Samsung Galaxy F has been the star of several leaks recently and today it’s back again with some new duds. Its latest wardrobe choice is a hue called “Perfect Golden.” As is the recent trend with smartphones, the Galaxy F has outfitted itself with gold with a color that extends across the metal back, trim and earpiece, giving a pleasant contrast to the white front.

As before, we see the metal (or possibly faux metal) back. Some of the rumored specs include a 5.25-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM. As the leaks continue to roll in, it seems like the Galaxy F will be Samsung’s high-end enthusiast phone for 2014. And that’s something that we’re totally okay with.

Does the Galaxy F excite you?

Source: @evleaks

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  • Nate B.

    It’s not that different then the S5 now. A better screen and the processor is just to accommodate for the screen. Same with the RAM. thwir skin still hinders the device in my opinion. Heavy, cluttered, and not well designed. Very unorganized.

  • Balotelli DESTROYED England trash

    Samsung Galaxy Fvck is such a $hit

  • John Hogan

    Looks good. I’m off the upgrade merry go round at the moment though. I’ve got an HTC one m7 and its doing the job. I’m watching the one plus one but they’re still frigging around with invites etc. I tend to kill phones so I’m eyeing off the one plus one just as a cheap(ish) plan b. Otherwise I’ll skip a generation or two. Given that most people put their phone in a case, I don’t think the shell matters as much. I use my htc without a case but one bad drop and I’m sure it’s screwed.

  • h0ruza

    More money than sense would be my description of Samsung.

    this seems like the phone the s5 should have been but I can’t help thinking they will leave some s5 features out.

  • charlie88

    It looks so ugly, forget the metal vs. plastic debate. This thing just looks ugly.

    • qwq

      looks like all of them :D

      • charlie88

        Why does it have such a weird grainy texture? It’s supposed to look brushed? It looks scratched. What will they call it? “Woodgrain gold”, “cornbread bread gold”, “faux-scratched-grainy-metal-gold”?

  • Dee

    Well held on to my cracked screen S3 long enough and its time for an over due upgrade. Waited ever since hearing rumors about the “prime” but now their saying some intriguing things about the Note 4, which will be released around the same time. Hmm, aseems like I’m in for a treat and a hard decision. Let’s do this Sammy! 😀

  • sere83

    Still a samsung though…

  • underseaglider

    Samsung Galaxy series is indeed one of the most successful release on the market. They have plethora of models which you can from based on your personal taste, requirement and need.

  • beeee

    I just wish Samsung would hurry up and come to a decision. I’m a S3 user who is due for an upgrade I held of on getting the S5 even though it is a fantastic phone because I was hearing rumors about one with better specifications.

    I understand they don’t want to give out confidential information but I would just like a flipping release date on this. If it’s in November I will just get the S5.