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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets Galaxy S5 features via update in UK

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has a new flagship out, but older devices haven’t been left behind. In fact, Samsung is now adding some Galaxy S5 features to the older Galaxy Note 3. In the UK, the Galaxy Note 3 is beginning to get an update featuring both Download Booster and KNOX 2.0, both first seen on the Galaxy S5.

Download Booster is a very useful feature that utilizes both your WiFi and cellular connection to download files much faster than usual. KNOX 2.0, on the other hand, isn’t such good news. It’s great for business security, but if you plan to modify your phone, it may be a pain in the butt to circumvent (though rooting with TowelRoot should leave it alone).

If you’re a UK resident with a Galaxy Note 3 device, you may see the update soon (though rollouts like these tend to be slow). Head to settings and check for updates! If you’re from the US, you’ll probably have to wait. Plus, many carriers have taken Download Booster out of the Galaxy S5, so we may not see it on the Note 3 at all.

Via: Pocket Now

Source: GSM Arena

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  • Clone

    Uh this came out already for T-mobile’s Galaxy Note 3. It apparently came out a couple weeks ago. Not sure for the other carrier’s. There are some articles on other sites about it but it seems to have been a super quiet update.

    • Curt

      I have this update. T Mobile, Boston.

    • E-man

      I don’t believe I received the update. It better get to California soon!

  • debra

    Will these updates come to australian note 3?

  • Monzer Ghandour

    Pls I need an apdate that can i record my calls with on galaxy note 3.

    • akshay

      Ya just download automatic call recorder from play store

  • Alena Wilson

    S Pen feature is the most promising feature of Samsung note 3 . It is quite soft to use and has very usable grip…….http://galaxynote3deals.wordpress.com/