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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 spec list purportedly includes Quad HD screen, Snapdragon 805


Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is on store shelves, many Android fans have turned their attention to the next Galaxy Note smartphone. Samsung hasn’t said much about the device quite yet, but today the rumor mill claims to have revealed a number of details about the upcoming phablet.

A new report out of SamMobile claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature the model number “N910” and that the device will be released on a number of carriers around the globe, including the big five in the US. In North America, Korea, China and Japan, the Note 4 is expected to sport a Snapdragon 805 processor.

Moving to the front of the Note 4, it’s said that the device will sport a Quad HD (2560×1440) AMOLED display of an unknown size and a 2-megapixel camera. The backside of the next Note will purportedly pack a 16-megapixel shooter with a Sony-made sensor and optical image stabilization.

The Galaxy Note smartphones are part of Samsung’s flagship smartphone lineup, so these high-end specs don’t sound too far-fetched. That’s especially the case when you consider that Samsung is going to need to compete with other bleeding edge smartphone hardware, like the LG G3 and its 5.5-inch Quad HD display.

So when will you be able to wrap both your hands around the Note 4? That much is still a mystery for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it debuted at IFA in Berlin, which is taking place in early September.

What features will the Galaxy Note 4 need to have to make it a must-buy for you?

Source: SamMobile

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  • lensgrabber

    > What features will the Galaxy Note 4 need to have to make it a must-buy for you?

    Well I’ll tell you what I DON’T want. 6″ screen and Touchwiz. It’s almost guaranteed to have Touchwiz and with their track record it will probably have a 6″ screen.

    • Richard Yarrell

      These projected specs are definitely off concerning the Galaxy Note 4.

      The Galaxy Note 4 will arrive as follows

      1.5.8 inch three sided display 2560 by 1440p 515ppi
      2.Exynos 6/Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 clocked at 2.7 or 3.0 Ghz, 4GB of ram, Android 4.5 Lollipop
      3. 20.7 camera, 5.0 front facing camera
      4 3800 Mah battery (Removable)
      5 64gb internal storage 128 sdcard capabilities
      6 IP 67 water resistant, dustproof,
      7.New Spen features, Handwriting recognition. Multitasking abilities and multiwindow features,

      Plain and simple at the end of the day the Galaxy Note line is the proven GOLD STANDARD of technology today the ultimate device that is always compared to all of the pretenders. Nothing on the market these last three years have been able to compare or even come close to competing….

      The Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Gear Solo or Gear 3 will be day one purchases for me as usual.

    • T. Stark

      Everything they make will have Touchwiz. They add their distinct skin to android because they are molding Tizen to look just like Touchwiz. When they decide to ditch android so that they can run the show, the non tech-savvy won’t know the difference as Tizen will run Android apps.

      • Bart

        I think your analysis may be a bit off. Tizen may be the corporate direction, but to abandon such a lucrative OS at this point would be akin to shooting one’s self in the foot. If i were to try to interpret Samsung’s actions, it is that they plan on continued device dominance through various OS. They already make Windows, Android and now Tizen devices.

  • McLovin

    >What features will the Galaxy Note 4 need to have to make it a must-buy for you?

    It must have a user replaceable battery. Zerolemon here.

    It must have a removable micro SD card.

    It must have a stylus.

    Should be a safe bet it will have these like the previous models.

  • Kike

    It only needs to be waterproof to be the ultimate.

  • jerrbomb

    The great thing about rumors is that even though you should take them with a grain of salt they always get you anxious for their debut… But a 2meg front facing shooter is pretty petty

  • John

    A 2k display would have been nice since 4k is becoming more affordable and will be the big thing this year holiday season.

  • Nate B.

    They still need to tone down TW. it’s still very busy and unorganized. The settings look like it’s a completely different skin. It’s very immature. Yea, they made a few things flat. That alone is not making something modern or better. Even on their new Tizen devices, that mess is ugly. You could argue that it’s just their first Tizen device. They’ve been working on that for some time now and to come out with what they had in today’s comp, that was very poor. They simply ported their TW over to Tizen and somehow managed to make it look even worse. I was always a big Sammy fan, but I’m slowly falling out for them. Spec wise, the Note 4 is looking promising, but the skin and other overwhelming things can kill it for me. Kind of like HTC. I’m a big camera junkie and their gimmick of a camera alone had me look over it. It’s not a horrible camera, but I’m spoiled by having a much better camera. I could use third party apps to do what they promote. But anyways..

  • namesib

    Removable battery, MicroSD, hardware buttons.

  • Julia Augenstein

    I love my Note 2 and I just can’t wait to updage to the Note 4 this fall! Better GPS locator. Mine likes to jump off the present course and be off about 100ft. I would love it to be water resistant. Would be better with dual speakers and make them louder. :)

  • Jay Moore

    The Note 4 WILL BE the be-all and end-all of smartphones upon its arrival.

    I cannot wait! :)

  • paulanthony

    I would love to see the note 4 come waterproof and all screen the home button on my note 3 sometimes gets a little irritating

  • quincy

    It has to have a 20mp camera, 5.9/6.0 in screen, octa core processor, 4gb of ram and 128 gb of internal storage.

  • adi

    4gbs of ram
    64 bit processor
    Removable battery
    3600 mah battery or bigger
    20 megapixels camera, but 16 would be fine
    Loud speakers
    And they should improve touchwizz and make it more closer to stuck android
    And 2k display or higher
    I would like to see a major update and improvement in the s pen that would be cool.
    I love what lg did with the lg g3 and I hope Samsung lessens to the customers too, please Samsung I want to see a new touchwizz, make a major improvement this year please

  • adi

    4gbs of ram
    64 bit processor
    Removable battery
    3600 mah battery or bigger
    20 megapixels camera, but 16 would be fine
    Loud speakers
    And they should improve touchwizz and make it more closer to stuck android
    And 2k display or higher
    I would like to see a major update and improvement in the s pen that would be cool.
    I love what lg did with the lg g3 and I hope Samsung lessens to the customers too, please Samsung I want to see a new touchwizz.

  • LionelVerney

    How about a GS5 with a bigger screen and stylus.

  • Bart

    Most of what I’ve read from the earlier posters didn’t address the reported “new form factor” of the phone. If that form factor is not a significant, mind-blowing upgrade, that would be a deal breaker for me.

  • Synergy

    I don’t think they’ll go much beyond 5.7″. But I’d definitively like to see a quad screen, 4GB of RAM, a smaller less obtrusive version of TouchWiz, the Octacore processor, the option of 128GB of on board memory, better core apps, with improved camera software and hardware. To top it off, I’d love it if Samsung improved their video editing software to compete with Apple’s iMovie on the iPhone. Yup, that’s about it. That phone would be the best on the market, bar none.

  • Jay

    Google play edition.

  • Scotty

    Everyone saying waterproof obviously hasn’t had the displeasure of trying to open the waterproof charging port cover on the Galaxy S5,most annoying thing they could do is waterproof it. Just stop snapchatting from the bathtub you perverts

    • voltz

      Lol.. yea or wireless charging.. duhhhh =D or better yet.. pizeoelecteic built in charger or soemthingbof the sort.. no wires no power source needed self charging

  • Killerkamatis

    Make it a tegra-powered device :)

  • Chump


    FM transmitter (so i can play music in any car)
    hardware buttons
    a real, full sized usb 3.0 port
    s-pen w/ eraser and replaceable/changeable tips
    a good camera: quality > pixel count
    a real flash-tube instead of LED flash
    a physical switch to lock the touchscreen

  • voltz

    It will need great audio quality.. especially in speakerphone modem often on my note 3 I find it hard to hear people even with the boost on.. noise canceling would be key here on speakerphone too.. really want a 2k or 4k screen.. and ruggedized for work enviorment.. 6″ screen be cool.. waterproof would be a great bonus with wireless charging and triband lte with supoort for the next gen wireless lte advanced… larger internal storage would be a big selling point imo for super users.. so 128 gigs no less.. also imporved support for multiwindow apps.. I want to be in a game as well as skype!

    • voltz

      Woops almoat forgot 64 bit processing. … bwhahahah.. more powaahhh all consuming

  • rick dunaway

    most likly a 5.8 screen. but im hearing its going to stay at 5.7

  • rick dunaway

    how bout solar

  • rebel

    64 bit
    water/dustproof!!= needed for us construction guys
    4 GB RAM
    20 MP camera
    2K display
    NO FORCED UPGRADING( i still have a bad taste from 4.3)
    less useless apps/ freedom to completely remove
    must be compatible with my pioneer head unit. if i have to go through that garbage with 4.3 again I will go crazy.
    get me close to 6″ of screen and use of that curved display patent of yours might be cool.

  • Sanjay Negi

    I read about note 4 here http://www.galaxynote4us.com/ and seems an outstanding phone so after its release i am gonna buy it.

  • islander

    Can’t wait for this phone. My wife has a Note 3, and it rocks! With a display to compete with LG, what more can I ask for. Good stuff Samsung!

  • Nitinrockey

    4 GB Ram
    64 GB Memory
    IP58 Dust & Water Resistant
    Metal Body
    Curved Super AMOLED display
    Radio Transmitter
    7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
    Updated Group Play
    Multi User Mode
    Private Mode with Different Pattern

    • Chump

      what’s the benefit of a curved display on a phone?

  • thanvi shahid

    I need 5 MP front camera. waterproofing, finger print sensor, more voice command capable features, same size as note 3, slim bazzles, like that

  • CDog

    this may be the Gold standard of the Cellphone industry, but I have had to replace my stupid cable for my Note 3 5 times, and att sent the wrong cable twice, so i had to go to amazon and just buy my own. I left the iPhone for the bigger screen and stuff, but the problem is is that It doesn’t live up to the hype.


    I bought the note 3 because the charging cable was compatible with the
    evo 3 D cord. I use 4 cords in different locations all day. I could never afford 4 cords. Keep the cord compatible with previous models. Duel front speakers would be preferable. A quad screen would be nice.

  • Grant

    Must haves:

    User replaceable battery
    User replaceable micro-SD
    Physical volume control

    Like to see:

    Physical home button
    Faster charging
    Same kind of case I have on my S3

    Would be nice but ain’t gonna happen:

    A way to delete unwanted factory installed apps!

  • Mark Ray

    It’s finally out, such a great device. Just wondering if there is any case for the Note Edge as I am going to buy hopefully. http://www.note3cases.com has got wide collection of Galaxy note 4 but not for the Edge unfortunately