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Samsung set to launch Android Wear smartwatch at Google I/O

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Things just got interesting in the wearables world. According to a new report from CNET, Samsung is planning to show off a new smartwatch powered by Android Wear at next week’s Google I/O conference. For nearly a year, Samsung has been creating its own smartwatches, initially powered by Android, but then switching to Tizen. With Android Wear specifically designed for devices like smartwatches, it seems that Samsung is willing to go back and test the Android waters.

Samsung is said to be creating two versions of the smartwatch. One model would contain a Samsung processor while the other would contain a Qualcomm chip. It wasn’t specified which one would be shown off at Google I/O, but both should perform well.

If the rumors shape up to be true, then we should see smartwatches from LG, Samsung, and Motorola all hitting at the same time, making for some stiff competition in the wearable market. As we don’t know everything about the devices yet, we’ll hold off judgement until all three are officially revealed. We can’t deny, though, that the circular Moto 360 is tempting.

Which smartwatch are you most looking forward to?

Source: CNET

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  • Arthur

    Knowing Samsung,they will design a watch with unique features limited to use with their Galaxy phones and more than likely it will be running a skin over Vanilla Android Wear. I know Samsung is all about throwing everything but the kitchen sink onto market to see what sticks but I don’t see them releasing an Android Wear watch this soon when they just refreshed their current watches.

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      And the winner will play Italy.

  • Bart

    @Nick: Your comment that samsung “is willing to go back and test the Android waters” seems a bit skewed. Samsung has not left Android. It also hasn’t left Windows. This is the 2nd time I’ve read an article here implying that Sammy is favoring Tizen over the other OS. It is good business sense to have a completely in-house hardware/software solution. It also makes good business sense to continue to rake in the profits from the other OS’s they support. Diversity in the market is wise for any business.

    To Arthur’s point: I can’t claim to know anymore than anyone else, but they already have their Tizen-branded smartphones in the market. I think it makes more sense that the Android-wear watch they are releasing would indeed be something for any Android phone. It doesn’t make sense to continue to limit their market they way you expressed. But time will tell.

    • charlie88

      They updated the original Gear from Android to Tizen. That could count as “leaving Android” when it comes to their watches. Let’s just put it like this, they have a couple of wearables and one was based on Android. Now even that one is a Tizen device.

      Whether or not it makes sense from a business point of view is besides the point you are trying to make: are they favoring one OS over the other.

      When it comes to wearables I’d say they’re favoring Tizen atm, though that might change. Probably because a lot of people/the market/developers seem to be quite enthusuastic about Android Wear/Moto 360/LG G Watch and Samsung doesn’t want to miss out on the fun. I don’t think they’ve had quite the success they hoped for with their current watches either.

  • Andrew Sumowski

    I have have the galaxy gear 1 with the Tizen update and before Samsung releases anymore watches they need to fix the lack of apps available for the gear1 on tizen thought I was finally getting access to the majority of gear2 apps, but sadly not the case. I can’t even get 1 stupid calculator app to show up in the store. And very select list of watch faces. I’m a flesky beta tester, but of course that app is missing too. I understand some apps aren’t compatible because of hardware limitations but come on Samsung a calculator? Really!!?? You owe the first Gen beta testers that paid a ridiculous amount of money for your next big dud.

  • Clarence

    I’m not a huge Apple fan or any other fan for that matter but I don’t understand the rush to create a Smart Watch. Sure it’s cool but a smart watch offers nothing to the market place that a standard watch or smart phone can’t offer.

  • E-man

    So far, the most appealing is the Moto, even though I have a Samsung Note 3 and plan on getting the 4.

  • Vserv.mobi

    Yes! Android Wear will power more and more devices in the near future and revolutionize the wearable space too. A lot of major announcements will be made during Google I/O 2014. Here’s our infographic which dives into the probable next-big-things that Google has for us http://bit.ly/1wqOLQx