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Sandstone Black OnePlus One devices now shipping


After all the delays and trying to get people to buy invites instead of just selling the device, a lot of people have lost interest in the OnePlus One. The hype was huge at first, but delays let it die down far too much. For those of you who got lucky and already purchased the device using an invite, we have some good news for you.

The 64GB Sandstone Black OnePlus One is now shipping. This specific color has priority in shipping and is being sent out to customers today. While there is no estimated delivery date to speak of, you should get it fairly soon if you ordered one.

It’s pretty comforting that the device is already shipping, as it probably means that most software bugs have been fixed. If not, an OTA update will fix them right up. Unfortunately, getting an invite is still not easy, so people still can’t just go buy them. But if devices are shipping, we might see the invite system disappear soon. If the devices went on sale in the next month, would you buy one?

Via: Droid-Life

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    Never Sellit

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    I’m not sure…Huawei just announced a monster 6.1 IPS. Not the best specs….but its unlocked, LTE works on any US GSM carrier and it’s $299. If they can ship I might give it a go…..still beats my Galaxy S3. One Plus….just continues to let down and I’ve faithfully promoted to friends, coworkers, even customers and everybody looking to buy liked the phone but wouldn’t wait. The invite system. Was a big fail. The only thing I really looked for was Cyanogen 11S

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    ..and all this time, I thought this was the most elaborate April Fools joke ever…