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T-Mobile: Android 4.4.3 update to hit Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 today


Android 4.4.3 has leaked out a few times so far this year, but there’s been no word on when the update will begin rolling out to us users. If some T-Mobile support documents are to be believed, though, that push could begin today.

A pair of new T-Mobile support documents claim that Android 4.4.3 will begin rolling out to the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) today. The updates will bump the devices up to builds KTU84M and KTU84L, respectively, and are said to include security enhancements and bug fixes.

It’s worth pointing out that Sprint said that Android 4.4.3 would hit the Nexus 5 back in mid-April, and obviously that didn’t happen. So while this news is exciting, you may want to try and contain that excitement until Google makes an official announcement. Once that happens, you’ll be the first ones that we tell. Promise.

Sources: T-Mobile (1), (2)

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  • uknowme

    Kind of skeptical

    • uknowme

      OK so it was released.

      • Jacob Baldwin

        No I just checked on my nexus 5 and no software update still 4.4.2

        • Manmeet

          The OTA updates come in stages. May take up to a day or maybe more for you to receive it. Google sends out OTA updates in stages so too many people arent downloading it at the same time

  • mattcoz

    Finally! Maybe now I can stop worrying about mm-qcamera-daemon killing my phone. How they let this huge bug remain for so long baffles me.

  • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

    it is about time they released it. I received mine with Android 4.4.2, I want to see how it behaves with an OTA and a custom recovery. My Transformer would get that custom recovery replaced with the stock one each time. I am using Franco’s kernel too.

    • Mark

      I’m really skeptical about you getting the OTA with all those system customizations

    • rpinales

      You won’t get the OTA with those installed on your nexus…

      • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

        Yes, I didn’t get it because some of the parts that the OTA had to modify were already touched by Franco’s kernel. You can always reflash the system partition from the backup (nandroid backups are very useful, everyone should make one) and wait for the OTA. After restoring the system partition I was able to apply the OTA.

  • Patrice S

    Will LG G2 receive the update ??????

  • Guest

    Doesn’t sound like anything exciting. We better get an impressive 5.0 by fall. With Apple continuing to copy Android, a larger screen iPhone 6 with Swiftkey could prompt me to give it a shot since I’ve been using a Mac anyway

    • mattcoz

      It was never meant to be, just much needed bug fixes, although being so close to I/O makes me think we might not get a bigger update there.

  • John

    Got it on now!

    • AnthonyRyan

      post a screen shot.

  • Ranjith

    No updates still. Any idea about the update guys.

  • vaibhav

    No updates released so far.

  • Bill Gunning

    Last I heard 4.4.3 was canceled due to 4.4.5 coming out around I/O.

  • JoshZ

    Its listed on devolper.google.com

  • Akhil G

    Its almost 6 months that they are telling the 4.4.3 is goin to release ,, now pls dnt go beyond this fake news..It wont come today or tomorrow it may come with nexus 6

    • dbest180

      I’ve installed it. The dialer has changed. Not much else. This looks like bug fixes.

  • Yuriy Padlyak
    • Leopold

      That’s just an image

  • Yuriy Padlyak


  • asid

    Fuck you it hasn’t

  • Gregory

    No updates still ,friends any idea

  • Ralpho

    Got the update… Can’t see any significant UI changes except for the dialer.
    What a dissapointment.. I’ll have to wait for a bit to see of they have managed to effectively kill the camera bug

  • Jake Doules

    ^ Me too!! :D

  • sondaci69

    I cannot believe this shit. My nexus 5 keep on dien with this damn bug

  • ammar

    What about the kot49h nexus 5??

  • k

    T-Mobile nexus 5 user here my update came yesterday!!!!

  • Philip Cordrey

    My Nexus 7 was updated this evening in Venezuela. My Nexus 5 is still waiting.


  • cjaves

    Nexus 5 update is out :)

  • Ammar

    Am not getting my update yet