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T-Mobile launches ‘The Underground’ service for limited availability devices


T-Mobile has been known for radical moves and interesting experiments. The latest project from the Magenta team is “The Underground,” a special portal for devices with limited availability. The service wasn’t launched with great fanfare, and right now there’s not much to see on the site. The options are currently limited to the gold Galaxy S5, Samsung’s latest Gear devices and the Jawbone UP24. When more devices will be added, only time will tell.

T-Mobile has said that The Underground portal is meant for “true enthusiasts.” At the moment, however, there’s nothing that’s really of interest there. We’re hoping that perhaps T-Mobile will begin to offer devices that normally aren’t sold stateside, such as Oppo devices. The idea is loaded with potential, but T-Mobile needs to do more to unlock it.

What devices would you like to see become available in The Underground?

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Source: T-Mobile

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  • goldenboyrb

    UNLOCKED phones… that’s all that matters… and maybe a OnePlus One

  • Devyn Berby Fox

    I want T-Mobile to pick up the Cyanogenmod Phone, the Oneplus One. That would be amazing, I wouldn’t ever need a new device. Although the Nexus 5 I have currently is pretty sweet.

  • Sprint CEO

    t-mobile is dead

  • Kurt Frost

    Not to be bought by sprint

  • Steven

    Launch exclusive colors within a week of phone launches not months later

  • Gregg jarrett, drunk fox anchor

    Good bye T-mumble

  • Nick

    unlocked phones that i know work on T-Mobile lte would be great exclusive phones you dont see much of like one plus one,Huawei phones, oppo phones not just different color s5 this is a good start this is what they do in europe tmobile they have every phone you could think of

  • Hunt

    We will miss T-Mobile….