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T-Mobile rolling out updates to enable VoLTE on multiple handsets


Yesterday evening T-Mobile announced they were flipping the switch on their Voice over LTE network to 15 key markets, accessible to several existing phone models. Those phone models would have to be updated to be compatible with the new network, something T-Mobile is thankfully on top of.

Updates are rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S5 and LG G Flex today that will give those phones complete access to all of T-Mobile’s live VoLTE networks. T-Mobile users from Georgia and Texas to California and Washington should find improved call quality and faster connection times among other improvements after the updated arrives on their handsets.

It seems like not long ago T-Mobile was struggling to roll out HSPA+ and keep up with other carriers making moves to provide wide LTE networks across the US. Now they’re leading the pack. If you live in one of T-Mobile’s recently announced VoLTE markets, let us know what you think below.

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  • Mikel

    I think it is great that T-mobile is improving their network. And they are improving all the time. But to say they are leading the pack is a BIG stretch don’t yo think? :-))