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T-Mobile to support Google Play Music and other services in Un-carrier 6.0


When T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 6.0 was announced, we were very pleased. Getting to stream music without impacting your data cap is a fantastic idea, especially since high quality music uses a lot of data. Those with capped data plans on T-Mobile will surely appreciate it. Unfortunately, Google Play Music was not among Un-carrier 6.0′s supported services.

That’s why it’s good to see T-Mobile make the announcement that more services will be added. You can vote for your favorite service at t-mobile.com/musicfreedom. Xbox Music and Google Play Music are leading the pack with over 75,000 votes. Thankfully, T-Mobile is listening to its customers and adding our favorite music service sometime soon.

It’s great not to be restricted in listening to music. As someone without unlimited data and a job that requires being out all day, data is very important to me (and getting throttled is the worst). Good on T-Mobile for fighting that. Will this encourage you to switch to T-Mobile? Leave a comment!

Via: Android Central

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Rob

    Nope. Not when their coverage is so poor you feel like you are being throttled. I will keep my grandfathered unlimited on VZW.

    • top kek

      Grandfathered until you want to upgrade your phone?

      If you live in a city or suburb, T-Mobile is the best unless you travel a lot. Hell, in GA, Going from Columbus to Athens wasn’t that bad. I had LTE 85% of the route and both cities had pretty much city wide LTE.

    • steb0ne

      Ha! Speak for yourself! I work at Verizon and rely on my T-Mobile service for a dependable connection at work, lol! Even tho I have unlimited with T-Mobile this is a good thing! Hope mite carriers do this!

    • breaking

      FIFA World Cup fact

      USA better than England – in soccer! lololololololol

  • mastermind777

    Shame about the net neutrality implications, though. Sure, this is one case where it helps consumers, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still violating net neutrality. What people don’t realize is that this isn’t about T-Mobile uncapping music, but that mobile carriers cap data in the first place to create artificial scarcity.

    The only thing that can alleviate this perk is for every music service to be uncapped, because every new service will be capped from the start until it can gain enough attention to be uncapped, but it will have to compete with the uncapped incumbent services. Why would people try new services if existing ones are uncapped? It’s definitely a deincentivizer. And what are the chances that things like Subsonic servers would be uncapped?

    • Paul

      Here’s the thing, though. We need net neutrality regulation to protect competition, consumers, innovation, etc.
      Do we need the overhead of regulation in a world of socially responsible providers? No, you can argue that this goes against the letter of what we want out of net neutrality, but it is certainly within the spirit of of what we want.

      • Steve Barry

        So really what you’re saying is we want net neutrality, and when it’s broken, as long as it benefits us, it’s cool? I have no problem with that, I just think that about sums it up.

  • Gabriel

    I live in NY and used to live in GA. Never had had a problem with Tmobile. In fact, compared to people with Verizon and AT&T, I always have faster speeds, more bars and consistent data service. Others, especially Verizon are always complaining about one bar or being dropped to slower networks.

  • hp420

    I already have Tmo unlimited, but I voted for Google Music anyway because it’s possible I may not need unlimited anymore if it won’t count against me anymore. I also have an old sim card that is activated on their $30 5GB plan, so I may think about using that now that Google Music will be included. I’m still weighing my options. I currently use FAR over 5gb a month, but I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t tighten it up and stick with 5gb to save $40 a month! Especially if I get unlimited free music streaming along with that!!

  • alexanderharri3

    It’s cool and all that T-Mobile is trying to do something new, but really really crappy that “uncapped access to X feature of the Internet” is spun as a good thing. Should we be expected to pay more (or have the services pay for us) to access them outside of crazy low caps.

    When it’s possible to go through your entire cap in less than 15 minutes (I’m looking at you Verizon), the caps are just artificial limits. 10GB data plans should be the absolute minimum.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      T-Mobile has unlimited data, but one of their cheap plans is 1GB if I remember correctly. Unlimited data is an option!

  • Lisandro

    Would I be able to stream the music that I have uploaded to google music as well or do I have to have the google access music plan?

    • Bobba

      Google Music is Google Music. There’s no difference here to T-Mobile I’m sure.