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The Nexus program isn’t going anywhere


We didn’t see a new Nexus 7 , 8 or 10 at this year’s Google I/O, and with rumors of the program’s demise and replacement by Android Silver looming, things weren’t looking good for future Nexus devices. Thankfully Dave Burke, Android engineering and Nexus program lead at Google, has spoken with Read Write to clear up some confusion surrounding the rumors going around.

Getting straight to the point, the Nexus program isn’t going away anytime soon. Android Silver may indeed be coming, but that doesn’t mean the Nexus program is going away. In Burke’s own words:

People just get excited by concepts and forget why we do things ... We are still invested in Nexus. ... People have been commenting about Nexus because there is something else and they think that means the end of Nexus. That is the totally wrong conclusion to make ... When we are working, there are sort of two outputs. We’re building a Nexus device and we’re building the open source code. There is no way you can build the open source code without the phone or tablet or whatever you are building. You have to live and breathe the code you are developing.

You can’t build a platform in the abstract, you have to build a device (or devices). So, I don’t think can can or will ever go away. And then, I think Nexus is also interesting in that it is a way of us explaining how we think Android should run. It is a statement, almost a statement of purity in some respects. I don’t see why we would ever turn away from that, it wouldn’t make sense.Dave BurkeGoogle

So there you have it. We can officially start pining after the Nexus 6. Or Nexus 5+1. Whatever it’s called, we want it.

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    Cheap, clean, unlocked.

    Just don’t see it as a reference model which doesn’t leave mains power for long. Keep batteries large for those, who, you know, use phones as portable unplugged devices for day+ (sigh a phone with high-end specs but a 2100mah battery…dumb dumb).

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    As long as there’s a 350$ phone that gers update & can finally get a decent camera

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