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Unlock your Moto X with a $1 temporary tattoo

moto x vivlnk digital tattoo

Hardware wise, when the Motorola Moto X first launched, it was a bit of a letdown. But once people started getting their hands on the device and all the unique features the Moto X has to offer, its value became apparent. There are a handful of bullet-points that differentiate the Moto X from the crowd and they just keep coming.

Motorola has joined up with Vivalnk to offer temporary adhesive “digital tattoos” that work as a unique identifier for unlocking your Moto X. The tattoos use copper and work with NFC. For just $10, you get ten digital tattoos that last for around 5 days or so. In other words, you could probably make a ten pack last a couple months if you really tried.

This isn’t quite the permanent interactive tattoo solution we originally envisioned when the idea of tattoos, privacy and security started being thrown around together, but it’s very cool nonetheless. If you have a Moto X laying around, for just $10, this seems like a must have item. It would be worth it for showing off to your friends alone. You can buy Vivalnk’s digital Moto X unlocking tattoos here.

Via: Geek.com

Source: Vivalnk

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  • Bart

    Hello, is this the Suite of Sue, Sue and Suit? Yes, I’d like to file a metal poisoning claim.

    • pervbear

      Sorry to tell you but your lawsuit would be dropped like a bad habit, as you would need to swallow these and the amount of them you would have to swallow would be outrageous and the judge would just laugh at you.

      Well would you look at that I wasn’t sorry to tell you.

  • thel0nerang3r

    Depending on the size, you could put them on your wallet, keys or something else you carry with you. Would be cool to tap my keys and have it unlock.

  • geronimo8

    It may last forever if you put it in a card or ID.

  • Renee

    Why wouldnt you just unlock it via the screen like any other phone? Stupid concept.