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Verizon and Samsung update Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 Mini to KitKat


Samsung has been on fire with these updates lately. We know that KitKat 4.4.2 was released quite a while ago by now, but most companies don’t support older devices whatsoever. But Samsung is pushing out new updates for old devices constantly, and today is no different. Samsung and Verizon are updating both the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 Mini to KitKat.

The Galaxy S III was launched more than two years ago now, yet is still getting updates. The Galaxy S4 Mini is a more recent device, but its mid-range status makes an update a pleasant surprise. It’s great to see Samsung supporting all of its devices like this, even if it isn’t the latest Android 4.4.3 update.

If you have either of these devices, check for updates in Settings or wait for the notification to come to you. Expect a new white status bar, Google Wallet Tap & Pay support, wireless printing, and significant performance boosts thanks to KitKat. If you still have one of these devices, tell us when you get the update!

Via: Droid-Life
Source: Verizon (2)

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  • Brook Marin

    just tried checking my Verizon S3… still says it’s up to date… so nothing pushed down yet.



  • Eli Gaffke

    Will Towelroot work on this? I need my root so I can tether. Do I have to unroot to update?

  • Skis03

    My update just came right now for my GS3.

    • frances

      From what country are you?

  • Kristie

    I downloaded the software update for my galaxy 3 phone. It took away my cool app bar. I liked my app bar that you could bring up on the side of your screen by holding the back button. How do I get this back?

    • Kristie

      I got my bar back by going into the settings and turning it off and back on.

  • frances

    My GS3′s till at 4.3 :(

  • Alba

    I just receive the notification of Android 4.4.2 KitKat version on my Galaxy S3. Once I fully charged my device on qi wireless charger, I will definitely update this version on it in order to explore more features.

  • steve

    Hmm…update on my S4 mini, so far gave it a camera icon on startup that does nothing,also the charging icon lost its color. Cloud? Haven’t used or needed before. Wondering what other suprises to come??

  • steve

    Figured out camera icon, now onto other things. .

  • joel

    the new update is causing problems with my emails …….I am receiving older deleted emails……anyone else experiencing problems?

  • rm240666

    DONT UPDATE!! kitkat 4.4.2 (s3) has expierencing ALOT of problems. updated my galaxy s3 2 days ago now battery dies really fast, calls get dropped and signal streghtned is weeker.. also its a PITA the try and roll back to previous version. my opinion… not ALL updates are worth updating..