Jun 11 AT 2:55 PM Dustin Earley 33 Comments

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II receives update to KitKat


Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II users, if you like chocolate today’s your lucky day. Verizon is pushing out a major update for Samsung’s last generation Galaxy Note that will bring the handset up to Android 4.4.2.

Like most major updates, you will be able to grab this one over the air by heading to the settings menu on your Verizon Galaxy Note II, followed by “About Phone” then “System Updates.” As for what the update to 4.4.2 includes, there are some slight visual changes, like white status icons, bug fixes, security fixes, support for Gear 2, and new app and service additions like Knox 2.0.

According to Verizon the update should be live now so get to downloading. Once you’ve download Android 4.4.2 and settled in, let us know how the update affects your handset in the comments below.

Via: Android Police

Source: Verizon (PDF)

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  • dustin

    Checked my phone and nothing so far. 3 o’clock central

  • sugarfree

    Nothing yet. 4:20 eastern hehe

  • jbkerner

    Probably available on Friday, OTA. Verizon usually releases stuff on Friday.

  • Embalmfirst

    9:01pm nothing…

  • Nicholas Perez

    Damn you guys are so lucky!!. Im hoping after this they will update my galaxy s3 SCH-I535. I just hope.

  • Danbo

    845pm Pacific not yet good to hear that it’s on it’s way

  • fester

    What about the note 2 tmo update

  • annabel anwen
  • Kenneth Hanson

    Nothing yet hope it’s true

  • me

    3:40 nothing yet

  • judy

    Nothing yet….

  • judy

    Nothing yet

  • Jamie

    8:15 New York. Where is it?

  • Bethany Chaney

    And Verizon is once again silent. No update at 9:15 central time.

  • Kenneth scott

    I am downloading it now @9:10am

  • Andrew Robinson

    Isn’t even on the sammobile firmware site yet.

  • James Sloat

    Update now live in Los Angeles.

  • Nicholas Perez

    Congratz to all gn2 owners. Verizon better do the galaxy s3 next. :p

  • Kyle Marshall

    Updating now 12.54 pm in New York

  • dustin

    Downloading now. 11:30a.m central

  • Tara

    Mine is downloading now 1:00est.

  • Michelle

    Mine just started at 12:20pm CST here in Dallas.

  • joe

    Downloading mine at 1 30 in Boston Mass

  • Mike

    Just finished installing!

  • Steve

    Installed mine 1pm PST

  • daniel

    How can I update? My note is flashed to page plus and I can’t update ota it says temporary unavailable

  • Alyssa

    I’m downloading it at the moment! finally!

  • buckwheat

    live and running kitkat in delaware 9:00am

  • Music_Girl

    Seems to have changed the color of the “charging battery” icon at the top of the phone. Internet very slow and I have plenty of data left.

  • Sarah Watson

    Help, please! Kit Kat caused my email to stop synching. Not sure what to do.

    • ronyd

      my email is also not working with the update. I now have to use that lame vetizon app to access my email.

  • LArry Chenkin

    Email not zworking with update

  • Joel N

    Kit Kat is not an improvement in the Verizon world

    Almost all formerly-saved passwords are lost. Doesn’t save them when re-entered, either.
    Battery goes flat faster
    email synch to non-google sources is even worse

    Probably has taken away ability of non-google apps to access the SD card directly.

    consider yourself warned.