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Verizon’s LG Vista could be G Pro 2 Lite

LG Vista

It wasn’t too far in the past that we got a look at a device called the LG Vista that seemed bound for Verizon. At the time, we weren’t entirely sure what the device was, but now @evleaks is back with some more detail. The Vista is pictured next to the G3 (left) and we can see that the Vista is substantially wider and has some different camera and logo placements, making us believe that it’s the LG G Pro 2.

Rumors have surfaced claiming that the Vista is actually a lite version of the G Pro 2, and we’re starting to believe them. With Verizon set to release both the G3 and the Vista, it would make sense that Verizon would want a flagship device with a more mid-range device alongside it. The Vista could very well be a G Pro 2 Lite, with the same 5.9-inch display but slightly toned down internals. Though judging by the above picture, the software looks to have improved by adopting the same UI as the G3.

The move wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen it done. Samsung has done the same thing with its smartwatches and the Galaxy Note brand with its Neo series of less powerful devices. LG and Verizon could simply be doing the same thing to reach a wider audience.

What do you think of the LG Vista? Good or bad plan?

Via: Android Central

Source: @evleaks

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