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Yellow Nexus 5 tipped by official Google web page


Not feeling the black, white or red versions of the Nexus 5 that Google currently offers? No worries, friend, because another color may soon be available.

Over on Google’s official “Android Phones & Tablets” web page, there’s a section that highlights the Nexus 5 and its various specs. At the end of the description, Google says that the Nexus 5 is available in “black, white, red, and yellow.”

While a yellow Nexus 5 is still very much unofficial, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see such a device introduced. Google has launched white versions of several previous Nexus devices after the black model originally launched, and with the Nexus 5 it added a red variant several months after the N5’s debut in late 2013.

The combination of the Android L Developer Preview and a yellow Nexus 5 could reinvigorate interest in Google’s current flagship smartphone, so it might not be a bad idea for El Goog to introduce a new flavor of the device. Here’s to hoping that this web page mention means that the launch of a yellow Nexus 5 isn’t too far off.

Would you buy a yellow Nexus 5?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Google

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  • Nate B.

    I always thought the Nexus 5 even 4 should have came in the Google colors. Red, blue, yellow, and green. But I think they should have wrap the color around the front like they did the red Nexus 5. That half and half look like the white one isn’t really noticeable unless you turn it over.

  • Ron

    The L in android L will stand for lemonhead (or lemon drop) and the existence and timing of the yellow N5 will make perfect sense.

  • Alba

    No, I am pretty much satisfied with red colored Nexus 5 and not like the yellow one. However, I am still little dissatisfied with its 2300mAh battery performance, which sometime runs throughout the day after fully charged or sometimes discharged within 6 hours. To overcome this issue, I recently installed a wireless car charger dock to keep the device fully charged even on the go.