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Yo got hacked and is filled with security holes, yo


Yo, the sensationally ridiculous app that’s sweeping the nation, has been found to be quite vulnerable to hacks. A number of hacks have taken place, but one of the biggest has been discovered by a Georgia Tech student and his roommates. The students found that they could get any user’s phone number through Yo, which is a huge security risk. Not only that, but they could also spoof send Yo’s from that person and spam them with as many Yo’s as they want. Possibly the worst is that they could send the user a push notification containing whatever text they wanted.

As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, another hack has arisen. A Vine was posted showing Yo sending a new notification sound that certainly wasn’t programmed within the app to begin with. The hack has replaced the Yo notification sound with a clip of the infamous “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. Yeesh.

As of now, Yo’s founder, Or Arbel, has said that some of the problems are fixed but some still remain wide open. Yo has hired a specialist security team to help them resolve the hacks.

Can Yo get any worse? Sound off in the comments, yo!

Source: TechCrunch

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  • Droidweb

    “Possibly the worst is that they could send the user a push notification containing whatever text they wanted.”

    Sounds like they managed to make the app useful



  • Dave Kratter

    You’ve now had two articles about an app that no one is using or even heard of (10,000-50,000 installs), or would even want to use.

    Are you desperate for good content?

    • Bart

      And on top of that, their Top 10 weekly apps are also questionable. Every time (except once) that I opened the Play store to look at a potential add, I read the reviews and they are not good; or the client base is very small; or I already have another app that does the same exact thing, has a much better install base, has more functions and is more richly developed. At times it does seem they are desperate for content but in their defense, that is the bane of all daily news agencies, regardless of the genre. The truly notable news isn’t something that happens every day. I also monitor Android Central, Electronista, Engadget, Phone Arena, Phone Dog, Phone Scoop, Planet Android, Pocketnow, SamMobile, and TechnoBuffalo. They all have the same stuff.

  • aryin

    it’s time to stop talking about yo

  • Helo