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You can count LG out of the next Nexus race, if there is one


Considering the recent rumors surrounding the Nexus program and Android Silver, the program rumored to replace it, today’s news shouldn’t come as much of a shock. But it’s worth diving into anyway. Android Police is reporting that after reaching out to LG’s Communications Director Ken Hong, they can confirm LG is not making the next Nexus. They can’t confirm, however, if LG is making a device for the Android Silver program.

When pinged on whether or not LG was making a Nexus device, presumably one that would be released at Google I/O or this fall, and the future of the Nexus program, Hong said, “We’re not really sure what the status of the Nexus program is. We’ve been hearing a lot of speculation about its future but that’s a Google decision, not LG’s. As of today, there are no Nexus devices in our immediate pipeline.” When pressed further on Android Silver, Hong could only say, “Google would be in the best position to answer this question since I cannot confirm or deny LG’s involvement in any program which to date has only been speculation.”

With Hong giving such a direct answer on whether or not LG is making a Nexus device, you have to believe he knows what’s going on in that regard. But that doesn’t mean that the Nexus program is dead, and his response on Android Silver doesn’t confirm those rumors either. Only a week now until we hear more directly from Google. It should be an exciting I/O.

Source: Android Police

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  • Linda90

    I rather wait for the new iPhone 6 anyways….

    • Steve Barry

      Then I’m glad you graced us with your presence here on an Android blog. /s

      This I/O is going to be a really, really good one. A lot of cool announcements seem to be about to happen and not only involving cool toys, but things that will legitimately impact how we live (like Auto Link)

      • Jake

        I just wanted to see a Nexus 6. But I think it’s clear that won’t be happening at this point.

    • SuperAndroidEvo

      You are really going to take the time & come to an Android website just to announce that you want an iPhone 6?

      You know I have NEVER been to an Apple website nor I care about Apple that bad that I would troll their websites.

      Sorry is probably the best way I could describe your poor soul…

  • www.phonewbie.com

    They said the same thing last year. Besides, if the Android Silver program is true, rest assured that they will not sit back and allow Sammy, HTC, etc make one and they don’t make one.

  • chris

    of course not… if the line continues it wont be LG. google has had a 2 year cycle since the beginning.

    htc g1(yeah not a nexus but it was pure) nexus 1
    samsung nexus s galaxy nexus
    LG nexus 4, nexus 5

    so far it looks like its got to be someone else. or they go back to samsung/htc.

  • thel0nerang3r

    It seems that past manufacturers got two rounds to do a Nexus phone. Since LG has done two, it would follow that a new group would do the next one.