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You can try the Moto X for two weeks for only a penny on June 9

Motorola Moto X

In some very strange news, Motorola has announced on its homepage that it will allow people to try out the Moto X in a very unique way: you’ll be able to customize your own contract-free Moto X and use it for two weeks while only paying a single cent.

There are no details on this promotion just yet, only this single section on the homepage. But on June 9, you’ll be able to pick up a Moto X for a penny and use it for two weeks before having to purchase it full price.

We’ve talked about this on the podcast before. People didn’t think highly of the Moto X at launch, especially tech writers. However, when we used one, we fell in love. When people walk into stores and see all these devices, it’s unlikely they will choose a lower-specced model like the Moto X. When choosing something you know little about, you’ll usually choose the one that looks best on paper.

This at-home trial is the best way for people to fall in love with the Moto X: by actually using it. The test will only cost a penny, so I can see a lot of people going for it. However, I hope people won’t just do it with no intention on buying the device, as that would be taking advantage of a good thing. Will you give this promotion a shot, maybe buying a Moto X in the process?

Source: Motorola

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  • Victor Gonzalez

    I’ll honestly give it a shot. I know I’m asking for the world here, but $329 whether it’s off-contract or on-contract is a lot of money to shell out at once. Perhaps they can drop the price even further as the successor is soon to be released? :D

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    This, along with all those promotions since its launch, should have been done THE DAY this phone was launched, not NOW.

    • Yeah agreed

      Yeah… This could have been a great way to get the Moto X into people’s hands. I hope they use this same try-and-buy model when they release the X+1 or whatever it’s called.

  • farewell motorola

    Motorola on its last leg, good bye moto….end is nigh

  • afraz

    I have motorola droid RAZR xt912 this is the best android device butt I want the sell it and try new model of Motorola please help me

    • SGB101

      Il buy that off you for a penny, that should get you on your way ;o)

      Sod it I’ll throw in a pound, I’m in a good mood tonight and i love to help :)

    • nishal

      i would buy it if you would come to nepal to sell it

  • Drake Paulsen

    When the Moto X came out my wife and I went to ATT to take a look at it. We were disappointed to say the least. We ended up buying two, and fell in love. The Moto X is an amazing device. Everyone should give it a chance.

  • mark barlog

    What happens if someone tries it and really doesn’t like it?? I can’t seem to understand why moto would want anyone to customize a phone knowing full well some will return it. Perhaps there isn’t an out? Remains to be seen.