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Piecing together the LG G3 review

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The three Android flagships for 2014, the HTC One (M8), the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3, have arrived onto the scene. The latest one in our grasp is the LG G3, and the review process is now underway. As with our review of the HTC One (M8), we’re going to break the review up into separate parts in order to take a deeper look into key aspects of the device. Beginning on Monday, each day will feature a look at a specific facet of the device. The following Monday, June 23, will feature a compiled review of all the different aspect reviews. Mark your calendars, folks, the G3 is getting a review.

While the final review will contain everything from the aspect reviews plus some, we recommend reading each aspect review as it comes along. Not only will it give you a better feel for each part of the device, but it’ll also save your brain some stress by breaking the review into manageable chunks.

To give you a say in the matter, we ask that you leave any burning questions regarding the G3 down in the comments of this post. We’ll do our best to answer them but please spare us from the, “What happens if you throw it off a bridge?” questions. That said, we look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions, qualms, or concerns that you may have!

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  • Jerry

    I would like to know how it feels in hand compared to M8,S5 and N5.

  • Dan

    -Does the 16GB and 32GB version of the phone have the wireless charger ? Or is optional like other phones?
    -Is the 32gb. 3mb RAM going to be sold in EU or not?
    -What exactly are all differences between the 16 and 32 gb versions?
    -the SD card is accepted up to 64gb ? or 128gb.?
    -besides the wireless charger does it come with regular charger also?
    -can you show pictures of size of the LG G3 besides known phones like S3, S4…?

  • Jeff

    I would like to know how call quality compared to the G2, which was horrible. Feel in hand and build quality are important too. G2 felt pretty cheap in hand.

  • Steph

    I’d like to know about the display, how good is it? I’m talking about the display quality, not about the difference in the pixel density compared to 1080p, although I’d like to know about that too. Also about battery life, and performance! Thanks!

  • Mike

    Battery life, specifically web browsing. GSMarena gave G3 a very low number for web browsing. Ponearena says it tested G3 with “custom webscript” and that G3 battery beats all the rivals. So the information from different sources is quite confusing. Would be nice if you could tell us whether G3 web browsing time beats G2 web browsing time. Basically, give us as much info about battery as possible. Test the crap out of it. Thanks a lot.

  • Stanley

    I would like to about the battery life and how long it can hold while on web.
    Secondly I hate devices with no memory card slot and those which disable battery plug out
    Thirdly is how first is it on web

  • Damian

    1)Kindly discuss the camera focus speed and picture quality. Compare the G3′s camera against the camera in the following phones:
    i)Oneplus One
    ii)Samsung Galaxy S5
    iii)Sony Xperia Z2
    iv)Nokia Lumia 1020
    v)iPhone 5s
    vi)OPPO Find 7
    vii) Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    viii) HTC M8

    2) Discuss the battery life
    3) Compare the loudness of the speakers against other flagship phones. For example, a comparison against the HTC M8 speakers would be nice
    4) Discuss the call quality/clarity
    5) Mention whether the phone supports quick charging
    6) Discuss the wireless charging technology utilized by LG and how well it works
    7) Review the LG UI,top 5 useful apps etc etc
    8) Discuss the feel of the build quality,and how comfortable the phone feels regarding one hand usage
    9)Discuss the visibility of the display in direct sun light

  • Tom

    It’s ability to grab and maintain a 4g signal. How does it stack up to the competition in this regard?

  • shadders

    Could you please compare the size of the LG G3 and the Sony Z2 and show this in photos. A lot of websites have compared the height,but no one seems to compare the width. Could you please put the Z2 on top of the G3, so that we can tell the difference in width.

    Or you could line up the top edge of the g3 with the top edge of the z2.

    Could you also compare the width of the G3 with other flagship phones?

    Size is a big issue when you’re talking about a 5.5 inch screen, thank you

  • nick

    Will it be world phone like nexus 5 and iPhone with CDMA and gsm radios.

  • joe

    Can you do a comparison of the same text based website on the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 to see how much more usable screen there is, especially with the differences in the physical & virtual home buttons. Thanks in advance !

  • Susan

    Battery life and how easy is it taking screenshots.

  • jake

    Battery, battery, battery. Not overall life, though. How about drain from an hour of screen time web browsing?

    And how big is it without and with a thin-ish case on it.


  • Jerry Rich

    I’m really looking forward to another one of your great unbiased reviews. I would like to know how much better the M8 and the One Plus One is compared to the LG3. Clearly the Galaxy S5 is not in the same league as these three super flagships.

  • shadders

    Oh, can you also clear up whether the circle in the Quick Circle case is just a hole that offers no protection, or whether it is covered with transparent plastic?

  • John Wong

    I have decided to replace my Nexus 5 with this LG G3. I am eagerly waiting for its availability in the US. I would like to choose its 32GB internal storage, 3GB RAM version. I am impressed with its 3000mAh battery that after fully charged on wireless charging pad, will stand up to 25 hours talk time.


    Discuss the visibility of the display in direct sun light

  • James Copeland

    I’ve read that the only wireless charging option in the US will be the LG Quick Circle Case. LG lists the Slim Guard case on their web site but will this be available in the US?. I have not seen any review of this case but it looks nice. Will there be third party wireless receivers available?

    In other reviews I have seen the G3 criticized for being “dim” and not as bright as other phones. From looking at data from past reviews it appears to be as bright or brighter than my Galaxy s3 which it will be replacing. Would you comment on this.