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Amazon brings Whispersync for Voice to Kindle app, listen or read as you like


Amazon introduced their Whispersync for Voice service in 2012, which allows for seamless syncing between books read on Kindle and listened to on the Audible app. Today they have brought that same functionality to the Kindle app.

If you aren’t familiar with the service, for $1-$4 you can upgrade a Kindle book purchase to include the Audible version as well. At that point you are able to switch back and forth between reading the book and listening to it directly through the Kindle app. It can be a bit painful to feel like you are paying for the same content twice, but the upgrade price on the Audible side is far less than the price of the standalone Audible book.

The book does have to have the functionality enabled, so it won’t work with just any title, but you won’t be starved for options. There are nearly 47,000 titles available with Whispersync for Voice. This is easily filtered for on the Kindle store on the web, but I wasn’t able to locate a way to discern it on mobile. Hopefully that will come in a future update, because I don’t always head to my computer before picking up a new book.

This certainly won’t be functionality that everyone appreciates, but as someone who listens to books while commuting to work and enjoys reading at night, I’ll at least be trying this service out now that it is a more streamlined experience.

Anyone else think that they’ll give Whispersync for Voice a shot now that it is built into the Kindle app?


Source: TechCrunch

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  • Anthony

    Upgrade for $1-$4? Try $1-$13.

  • Roy

    And still no immersive mode reading on the Kindle app…

  • James

    I just found out that there is a website called Clippings.io for organizing all of the highlights for managing the Kindle notes and highlights you make on your Kindle. Best of all it’s free, hope you enjoy.