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Google Camera updated with Android Wear remote shutter button


Google is updating a lot of its apps lately and adding Android Wear support now that two of the smartwatches have launched. Most apps simply mirror existing functionality at this time and show some extra data on your wrist. However, Google Camera has been updated with some Android Wear functionality that may be a bit more useful.

When you open the freshly updated Google Camera app, a card will show up on your Android Wear device that allows you to control the shutter remotely. So you can prop up your phone somewhere, get into a group photo and activate the shutter with a timer from your wrist. Though it won’t be useful very often, it’s still a nifty feature.

Another little change in Google Camera is the slightly updated panorama interface. The dots you have to line up are now much bigger, making them easier to see. Otherwise, the functionality is the same. Grab the update from the Play Store, though it might take a while to roll out to everyone, so be patient.


Via: Android Police

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  • steve

    Just goes to show how far android has become compared to ios. Apple really has fallen so far behind, there’s know catching up