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Poll: Who should make the next Nexus?


With rumors flying about a new Nexus device, it’s time again to test the waters. Who really should create the next Nexus device? Signs are pointing to Motorola creating a whale of a phone, aptly named Shamu, that’s set to be branded as a Nexus device. If that’s the next Nexus device, then what’s happening to the Android Silver program? Perhaps giving every manufacturer a shot wouldn’t be a bad thing. Who would you like to see create the next Nexus?

Maybe you’re still clinging on to hope that HTC will come back and create a successor to the Nexus One. Of course, you could always be of the mind that Google should stick with the tried and true LG, who has made the last two Nexus devices. Whatever your opinion, we want to know. Vote for whichever manufacturer strikes your fancy, and if your favorite isn’t listed, vote other and let us know who you’d prefer down in the comments.

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  • Nigel

    LG as I been happy with LG build on N4, N7 2012 N7 2013.

    Not Samsung, the N10 ‘orrible buggy slow.

    Many like HTC idea.

    Just… for pity’s sake, make the battery sizes match the expected power user and make it cheap (ideally sell for less than cost because I say so).

    OPO shows what can be done on spec, price, lean, so just do better, should be easy for LG, or HTC.

    • Odie

      LG made the Nexus 4 and 5, Asus made the Nexus 7 for 2012 and 2013.

  • Pilot25

    Google needs to stop dealing with third parties and make the phone themselves. Forget LG, Moto, Samsung and the rest.

    • BlazeHN

      Google is not a company specializated on mass hardware production, it wouldn’t be wise to not use a company that have loooots of years of expertise on that, specially on mobile phones specifically.

      • http://www.androidandme.com Nick Sarafolean

        Exactly. I mean, remember when Google went out on their own and tried to create the Nexus Q?

        • clocinnorcal

          The NQ was a beautiful devise and well made. It just didn’t make much sense.

  • Ryan

    I think LG should continue the nexus line. They have been the best at building them. Just look at the nexus 5

  • surethom

    For me whoever can put the best camera & video recording in Low light, then that manufacture can name the next Nexus, LG/Motorola?

    But please NO larger than 5.2″ screen.

    • surethom

      I wish we could edit posts.

      Sony sensors are fantastic so maybe Sony? But i doubt it, they would want a premium price from google.?

      • Odie

        Given their financial situation and small market share, Sony would be lucky to have Google ask them to make the next Nexus. Just look what it did for LG; sure, the G line helped a lot, but most “diehard” Android fans scoffed at the idea of LG making a phone but look how great the Nexus 4 and 5 came out.

      • 3165dwayne

        No way,not them. There screens always have some sort of strange sensitivity issues. Just search Google. I’ve had the z1s and the z ultra. They both have the same screen issues. The z1 also has that problem. Sony is currently a mess

  • Ardrid

    1. HTC
    2. Moto

    To hell with Samsung.

    • BlazeHN

      Samsung = Galaxy Note Phones (highest of the highest specs phones always)

      Except for that everything else from Samsung is meh.

  • BlazeHN

    Motorola for sure, just look how great the Moto G is for $179, they can do lots with less. And now they are owned by Lenovo which makes it even better since Lenovo its expert on giving the very very very best bang for your buck high quality devices (look at Y500, Y510p, Y50 gaming laptops for example). Couldnt be happier with Lenovorola making the next Nexus.

    • XMG

      Our company has owned several Lenovo devices (laptops, tablets, and phones) and there is one common denominator across everything they make – they break easily, especially the screens.

  • Rick P

    I’d like to see someone other than HTC or Samsung. I’d be disappointed if it was Moto as well considering that they just received guidance from Google when they were purchased by them.

    Mainly I just want a phone that feels good in your hand, has a decent camera and has runs smooth.

    • BlazeHN

      Why would you be disappointed if Moto because “they just received guidance from Google”? Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing actually? that the very Google just worked directly with them very recently

  • Vance

    HT freaking C

  • rashad360

    Either LG or HTC. I’m really happy with my N5, but I would be interested to see if HTC would incorporate some of the HTC M8 design into the next Nexus.

  • avery

    I always loved the way HTC looks, and they use aluminum instead of plastic which is nice. I want to see another HTC device.

  • Kishan


    - For drastically reducing touch latencies. Even made it better than iPhone, which boast better touch sensitivity.
    - for better build quality.
    - for better display

    - for better battery life
    - for better camera
    - reducing the bezel

    So I need hibrid of these two.

  • vforvortex


    because i am very impressed with the Moto X ‘s battery performance,design and customization, always listening and notification features as well. Plus would be cool to try out those “tattoos” to unlock your device and will be perfect companion if i get the Moto 360 watch.

  • SGB101

    I don’t care as the nexus is always too flawed.

    Slap a nexus sticker on the 1+1, and il finally buy a nexus phone.

  • allen


  • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

    There will be more than one Nexus. I think HTC and LG have the first 2 seats.

  • Subx

    Not LG that is for sure. LG make horrible quality products. Everything they make is poor quality and never last long.

    Motorola just make ugly phones. Horrible design, and lack of uniqueness.
    The only thing Moto have going for them is their speedy updates however HTC has caught up with updates too.

    I’m going to say HTC for the Nexus. Yes I am a huge HTC fan but for the reason they make quality devices. Never ever had an issue with any of them with the exception of the purple haze on the M7 camera in which HTC quickly replaced.

    • Noah Maxwell

      Although the buttons on the windows phone seem a little out of place

  • Phil

    Huawei. Yes. Huawei. They make absolutely beautifully designed devices with premium materials including glass and aluminium. Only Samsung and Apple sell more devices in the world. As long as they put a premium chipset in there. Check out the Huawei Honor 6 or Ascend P7 to get a sense of what his company is capable of.

    • lohis

      Agreeed huawei should definetly make next nexus :) and theyr nevest version with kirin 920 p7s and saphire glass just looks so impressive xD

  • Noah Maxwell

    How about Nokia? The Nokia Lumia series have been pretty good especially with their great low light cameras and double touch screen on feature

  • Sport

    Oneplus one… I have it running stock and its a great phone..

  • brykneval

    Most probably Apple :D

  • Jimmy_Jo

    Give SONY a try. They have great build quality but their software is lacking. With a SONY Nexus they could have top notch hardware and software.

  • jamal adam

    I feel that either HTC or Motorola should make the next Nexus. Motorola has been doing great things with their Moto X, E and G devices and the active display on the X is a wonderful feature. Also, they have gotten the form factor down to a tee in terms of being able to make a device that fits wonderfully in the hand. On the other hand, we have HTC, which makes the most beautiful smartphone and they have been doing it consistently and their displays are the best. The only think that’s been hindering them has been the camera but I think that that is a subjective point. Overall though, both companies would be wonderful though personally, I’d give a leg up to HTC.

  • Derp

    Apple should make the next galaxy

  • Kilgore Trout

    I think LG or Lenovo…

    LG because they know how to make high spec. phones.


    Lenovo because they make high end laptops and tablets.