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An updated Android L Developer Preview image will not be released

Android L Preview

I know a lot of you are currently rocking the Android L Developer Preview on your devices. Despite it being a dev preview, some have found it to be stable enough to use as a daily driver. However, there are bugs in the build, and I’m sure many of you are hoping for an update from Google to fix some of them.

Unfortunately, it looks like this developer preview is what we’re stuck with. It was released for developers to get apps running on Android L before the major release and adjust styling of the apps according to the new Material Design. In this case, bugs aren’t all that important, and Google won’t be fixing them for a developer preview.

In my opinion, Google should be releasing newer versions of the developer preview to fix bugs and add the changes the company has no doubt been making internally. It would make it easier for developers and would make a lot of regular folks happy (look at how well the Apple iOS betas are received). But of course, we can’t always get what we want. It looks like the current preview will do.

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  • Nate B.

    That was never a thing for Android anyways to do that like Apple does, so I guess it’s okay. At least we got a light hands on. I look forward to the major overhaul when it’s all ready and expect more to come with a new device by then.

  • gpmillerjax

    While I do agree with the Author, it is a lot of extra work from a development standpoint to push constant updates to the masses for a preview. I understand why they wouldn’t want to waste time on this and instead wait for the final release, which of course will be available to all.

    • hp420

      It’s really not all that much extra work. They’re already making the changes at the source level, so all they have to do is set up a machine to auto-sync whatever changes were made that day at a certain time, and end users could then sync the repo on their end. That’s it….really not that much more work than they are already doing, honestly.

  • Flash

    Apple pushes out updates so why can’t google? I don’t think they planned not to push out updates, instead I think they might have run into bigger issues. Get the impression Google rushed the dev version of L.Just my opinion.