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Android TV dev kits now shipping out to developers


The first round of Google’s Android TV dev kits are now landing on developer’s doorsteps. After Google’s announcement of Android TV at Google I/O, developers were invited to apply for a chance to get a preview console on which to design their applications. Devs that were selected are now receiving their units, which consist of an ADT-1 reference Android TV console and a game controller.

Releasing a dev preview device is an excellent way for Google to get developers on board with Android TV. It also rewards customers who can expect a selection of apps and games ready for them as soon as they purchase their device. Android TV won’t be around until the fall, but Google is making sure that it won’t be barren for early adopters.

ADT-1 (2)

If you’re a developer and you want to see about getting a preview device, simply follow this link to apply. There’s no confirmation on whether more ADT-1 consoles will be going out, but it doesn’t hurt to apply. If you’re not a developer, please don’t apply. These are intended for development purposes only and not you trying to get a shiny new toy.

Source: Android Police

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  • hockey

    Technology is always learning and growing. The innovations are its bets which make the consumers fall for them.

  • Martin

    Very excited for Android TV in the UK, as long as it’s done correctly, ie: easy access, lots of quality content, fair pricing. No-one over here has managed to hit that holy trinity yet!

    • SGB101

      The roku is almost it. Shame there is no live BBC on the roku iplayer, or itv or 4 or 5….

      Even tho YouTube supports live as does twit.tv.

      *BBC offers live sport via the BBC sports app.

      The closest to the roku is ps3 (yes3) this was the first to get the whole set of the major UK. The 360 has sky, but that’s defeating cord cutting imho.

      I’ve been free of BSKYB for 18 months, and £110 pm richer.

  • Alexander Brown

    I’ve been building up my movie and TV collection in anticipation of having Android TV as my sole media player, apart from free-to-air.

    43 movies and 330 TV episodes. Yeah, it’s cost a lot but I think it’s so worth it.