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Android Wear app count surpasses Glassware within a month

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There are now more Android Wear apps than there are apps for Google Glass, commonly called Glassware. Within the first three weeks of its launch, Android Wear already has more supported apps than Google Glass has received in over a year of existence. The significance of this can’t be understated, as we’ve seen time and time again that a platform simply can’t thrive without good app support (Windows Phone, anyone?).

There could be numerous reasons that explain why this has happened, including better public reception of Android Wear. Larger than that, though, Android Wear is much easier to develop for. Devs can easily add Android Wear support for their apps or design an entirely new app for Android Wear. Rolling an app out on Android Wear is vastly simplified from Glassware, as an Android Wear app rolls out in the same way as an Android app. Glassware requires careful consideration by Google and is often sent back to the developer for revisions, thus filtering the curated Glassware that’s available.

While a growing app scene is no guarantee that Android Wear will succeed, it gives it a much better chance at doing so. Without that app support, Android Wear would have very little going for it.

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