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Brace yourselves, HTC is holding an event in NYC and we don’t know what to expect


HTC has announced that it will be hosting an event in New York City on August 19. No further details were given on the nature of the event, but we can speculate. Rumors have cropped up on several occasions concerning HTC and a new Nexus tablet. With the Nexus 7 now a year old, a refresh is soon expected. Rumors have pointed to HTC creating a Nexus 8 tablet in collaboration with Google. While this could be the star of the show, we have our doubts as Nexus devices are generally launched at Google events.

A smartwatch seems to be a likely option. Rumors and leaks have also been pointing to an upcoming HTC smartwatch, dubbed the One Wear. If it’s ready, the One Wear could be a likely candidate. A new phone could also be on the way. An HTC One (M8) Max would be expected and would provide a phablet to fill HTC’s lineup. Even an HTC One (M8) Prime, an extreme version of the One (M8), could come out of the event. Currently, we don’t know what to expect so we’re ready for anything.

Drop a comment as to what you think could be announced.

Source: CNET

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  • y

    One W8/One M8 for Windows

    • conansaga


  • Vance

    Twofold: One wear and M8 prime

  • Robairto

    Since Samsung engineers don’t seem to be smart enough to put the speaker on the front (ONE all purpose speaker where the ear piece now resides), the appearance of a new Max would finally give me an upgrade option over my Note 3. I’m sick of not being able to play a game without covering the speaker or not being able to hear clearly when I’m on a speakerphone call. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I refuse to buy another phone with a rear or bottom facing speaker and unfortunately it looks like my note 3 will be the last Samsung for me.

    • Bart

      Actually, Samsung did make a TAB model that had front facing speakers. Intelligence is not the issue.

  • snowbdr89

    Dick Yarrell got hit by a train?

  • Jordan Wakefield

    I hope they launch either the M8 Prime or the M8 Max and HTC wear… I would love to see the new design features and upgrades they’ve put on those devices. I’ve been in love with the Original One and now the M8 I’ve got them both and cant wait to see whats in store for this launch

  • jamal adam

    Perhaps a smartwatch and maybe a tablet, highly unlikely, but one can wish.

  • drainboy

    Butterfly 2 or One wear