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Chief Designer of Project Ara departs Google

Motorola Project Ara parts

Project Ara is the long-awaited effort to bring a modular smartphone to the masses. Instead of buying a smartphone and tossing it out when you upgrade, you’ll be able to swap out modules just by pulling them out and sliding new ones in. Everything from the processor to the display will be replaceable, and it seems people love this concept.

Sadly, we have some bad news. The Chief Designer of Project Ara, Dan Makoski, has left Google. His two-year contract with the ATAP team (now part of Google) has expired, and it’s not known whether he had a chance to renew the contract. He’s off to work at Capital One to try to change the way people and banks manage money.

Of course, this leaves Project Ara without a chief designer, which is quite an important role. We have no doubt that the project will manage just fine, as it’s come too far to just stop here, but it’ll be interesting to see how the team will work around the loss of Makoski. And of course we’ll have to see if other members of the team will be leaving during the development of Ara.

Via: Android Police

Source: Dan Makoski

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  • McLovin

    Replaceable parts, battery, screen, memory, cpu! How un-American or un-Apple like. If people don’t have to throw their entire cell phone in the landfill and pay for an entire new phone every 18 months then civilization as we know it will crumble. All those people that rely on a disposable appliance model will lose their jobs. The economy will fail. What are they thinking.

  • jake

    Has it come too far to just stop, though? Seems Google just stops things all the time, and those things are always a heck of a lot farther along than this is.