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Did HTC leak its own Android Wear smartwatch?


On July 9, HTC posted a promotional video to its YouTube account that focuses on design and how it matters to the company. In that video there’s a little something that’s gone mostly unnoticed by the world: a couple small glimpses at what could very well be an upcoming HTC smartwatch.

Just three days ago, evleaks posted a picture of what is said to be a render of HTC’s first Android Wear powered smartwatch. While the picture was an “artist reproduction,” it is said to be a “100% faithful reproduction.” In the “HTC Design” video posted to HTC’s official YouTube account, a smartwatch is shown on a desk and on a monitor in some sort of 3D hardware design program that both look very similar to the reproduction from evleaks.

Earlier this year HTC confirmed it has its eye on the wearables market, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know the company is hard at work putting something together. Still, if HTC really did show the world its Android Wear powered smartwatch some two weeks ago we can’t help but find that interesting.

Source: HTC Source

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