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Find things to do near your hotel, courtesy of Google Now

Google Now Hotel Search

Google Now is bringing you a new way to live your vacation to the fullest. Beginning today, Google Now will notice if you have a hotel confirmation in your Gmail inbox and then give you suggestions on things to do. Feel free to ask Google Now for things to do near your hotel and it’ll oblige. Don’t fret about getting lost, either; simply ask Google Now to guide you back to your hotel and it’ll navigate the perfect path for you, no matter the mode of transportation.

Throughout its lifetime, Google Now has grown in intelligence, finding more and more ways to ease your life. The recent moves have been location-based, contextually aware of where you are and what you need most. While some may fear the influx of technology as it pervades further and further into life, we take the stance that these moves work only for the betterment of life.

Source: Google+

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