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Google Glass creator leaves Google, heads to Amazon

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We have seen some amazing stuff come from Google X. I think self-driving cars may be my favorite (though as a car guy, I’d never own one), but there have been other achievements as well. Google Glass is one that graduated to a product that’s currently being sold in a sort of “public beta test.” Google Contact Lenses are another that sported circuitry that can monitor blood glucose levels.

Unfortunately, the creator of both Google Glass and Google Contact Lenses has left Google. Babak Parviz gave no reason for the departure, but it looks like his new job will be at Amazon. While both are excellent companies, it’s hard not to think that people like that would do much better at Google thanks to its ability to create some crazy things, but maybe Amazon has its own team of crazy inventors.

We wish Babak Parviz the best at his new job and hope he can achieve some more amazing things. Google Glass is undoubtedly an impressive device, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes next. And if anything, Amazon has the power to pull off some crazy stuff just like Google does.

Via: Android Police

Source: +Babak Parviz

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    Sucks he took off but I’m sure it betters himself. Good luck on the new job.