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Google officially acquires streaming music service Songza


Google’s list of acquisitions is growing once again today, as the Big G has snapped up streaming music service Songza.

Songza has officially announced that it’s been acquired by Google. Details of the agreement aren’t yet known, but Songza promises that there are “no immediate changes” planned for its service. However, it does say that it plans to continue to make its streaming offering “faster, smarter and even more fun to use.”

Rumors about a possible Google acquisition of Songza began swirling last month. It’s not known exactly what Google plans to do with Songza and its music curation technology, but if I were a betting man, I’d wager that we could end up seeing Google utilize the tech to improve Google Play Music All Access’s playlist and music curation capabilities.

Have you ever used Songza?

Source: Songza

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  • melvin

    whats Songza?

  • jump

    I have never heard of Songza, is it like Spotify? But this move of Google may continue to strengthen its power in the music market.

  • E-man

    Eh. I’ll go ahead and download it right now.

  • GreyCelt

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I’ve been using Songza for some time now. It’s been my go to music app. I like it because it give you music choices based on time of day, mood, genre, and/or activity. Of course you can also just search for an artist or song.

    I’m curious as to how Googles acquisition of Songza is going to pan out.

  • brian

    songza in khmer language is 爱人

  • 足立chia

    Currently the application is still changing in the future is common, I think, this is not the effect of music, there is a strong rear u2, unless you acquired u2

  • texasfan

    I’ve been using Songza for several months and really love it. As GreyCelt points out, I love that I can pick my music based on many different factors, rather than starting with particular artists or genres. It also has a simple and pleasant interface that doesn’t bog down

    I’m hopeful that Google will advance the program even further, but keep the simple look & feel. I feel like their existing Play Music has too much going on.