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Google Play now featuring games that don’t require a data connection


Whether you’re traversing the Atlantic or just want to stay off the grid, finding a game that doesn’t require any sort of data connection can be somewhat of a chore these days. Thankfully, Google is here to help.

Available now in Google Play, Google has curated a list of games that don’t require any sort of data connection to play. Titled “Offline Games,” the list features titles like Asphalt 8, Dots, Jetpack Joyride, Minecraft, Into the Dead and many, many more. Some of the titles listed may not offer all their features without a data connection, but they will be perfectly functional. Who needs to see how they’re doing against their Facebook friends anyway?

Next time you head out to the wilderness or book a flight be sure to head over to Google Play and load up on entertainment.

Via: DroidLife

Source: Google Play Offline Games

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  • Perry

    This is great to know, thanks. Can you tell me how to find this through the Play Store without following your link? There isn’t a category for this and I don’t see another way to find it. Thanks!

  • Ken

    Thanks for this. And is there any way to register a game for consideration into this group of games, or does Google select them entirely off their own bat?

  • Louis A

    I am glad they finally did this. I stop buying android games because when I was on the go which is often (especially in airplanes) I couldn’t play the damn games that I paid for. Hope they can increase the list of games you can play off line.

    Anyone know who has final say if you can play the game off line, Google or the game maker?

  • Kirk Schwarz

    Maybe I am to dumb to catch it but where is the list of offline mobile games?