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Latest Android platform distribution numbers show KitKat use continues to rise


Same story, different month. And that’s not a bad thing. The latest Android platform distribution numbers have been released for the first week of July and things continue to look up for Android 4.4 KitKat.

Compared to last month, KitKat usage is up 4.2 percent. Nothing major, but a swing in the right direction nonetheless. Month-over-month Jelly Bean, Froyo, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich are all down. The final numbers show all versions of Jelly Bean combined with a healthy lead over every other version of Android, with KitKat coming in second and Gingerbread third.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.18.11 PM

With a new version of Android right around the corner, there could be some big changes in store for the platform distribution numbers over the next several months. Rollouts for big updates are usually slow at first for manufacturers, but with Google changing the way they release Android updates, things could could dramatically change. We’ll know just how much of a difference Google releasing a developer preview for the next version of Android will make this fall.

Via: Android Police

Source: Android Developers

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  • Arthur

    Damn GB and ICS just won’t die.

    • 234

      they are too delicious

  • Mrnobody

    I understand why it is tracked, but I never have understood why this type of non-news gets reported. It’s like saying people born in 1980 are one year older today than they were last year. Why would an older version of a mobile os ever increase in numbers?

  • Pushpendra Yadav

    Great Post about android development