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LG G Watch shipment notifications hitting buyers’ inboxes


Eagerly awaiting the public launch of the first Android Wear hardware? If so, I’ve got some good news for you, friend.

Our own Brooks ordered an LG G Watch when it hit the Play Store’s virtual shelves last week, and today he received an alert that it had left the warehouse and was on its way to him. The LG G Watch’s product page says that any new orders will ship in one to two business days.


It’s great to see that Google is pushing the first batch of Android Wear hardware out so quickly after Google I/O. After all, no one likes to wait months for new goodies to be released. And with a new Android Wear update and a multitude of Android Wear-friendly apps, the LG G Watch buyers that are receiving these shipping notifications will have plenty to do when their wristwear arrives.

Did any of you order an LG G Watch? If you did, have you gotten a shipping notification?

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  • Ian

    I pre-ordered it on Monday and haven’t gotten any email saying that it had shipped :(

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  • Jerry

    Ordered mine as soon as it was in play store and haven’t received anything. Paid for overnight

  • JW

    Ordered it as well as soon as it appeared in the play store and paid for overnight shipping and have yet to see anything in my inbox. My Google Store purchase page says “Leaves Warehouse on 7/3/14″.

    Google is the worst when it comes to actually taking care of pre-orders you are better off not pre-ordering and just waiting until its actually available to the masses.

    • JW

      I got my shipping notice at 11:00 PM EST on Thursday. I think Google planned it that way so that it would definitely arrive on Monday and not before. My UPS Tracking number says that I should receive it at some point between 8:45 AM – 12:45 PM on Monday.

      Freaking holiday messed up me receiving my arm candy! HA

  • Rick

    Received my notification 2 hours ago but the UPS tracking number doesn’t give me an estimated delivery date yet. I would have ordered it with overnight delivery but with the holiday weekend I didn’t expect to see it before Monday anyway.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Brooks Barnard

      I don’t have a delivery date either even though it has already been shipped to about an hour away from my home.

  • Jared

    Ordered mine as soon as it went live on play store.. Paid for overnight and still nothing. Google claims it will ship today though.

  • Skylar

    I pre ordered the gear live and just received an email saying that it has shipped.

  • BryanL

    I ordered both watches and they both shipped last night. I did the one day shipping, so I guess I will see them Monday or Tuesday.

  • BillLee

    Ordered the Samsung Gear Live. Tracking page says delivery by Tuesday night….

  • sere83

    Not quite sure why everyone’s jumping in these. From all the reviews i’ve read they definitely seem half cooked. 1 day battery, beta software, limited functionality.

    Be another generation at least before I consider one of these. Am an Android fan but I think sadly apple will bring a much more polished and interesting product to the table when they launch their watch.

    • SGB101

      If no one bought v1,there would be no v2!

  • Ian

    Finally got a notification last night, looked at the tracking info and it said it would arrive by Monday afternoon. I called Google and they said they were sorry; since I ordered Next Day Delivery and am not getting it the next day, they refunded me for the shipping costs.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Brooks Barnard

      I ordered two day shipping and my watch is also supposed to arrive Monday. Awesome that Google refunded you. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tim

    Mine is sat waiting at local postal depo to be delivered Monday.

  • Stephanie Jimenez

    I haven’t received my tracking information but then again I pre-ordered from best but…. -_-