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LG G3 Mini could be dubbed G3S, dual-SIM included

LG G3 (5) (JPG, Resized)

LG’s rumored G3 Mini could be dubbed the G3S, according to a new leak from @evleaks. Reports of a G3 Mini have been floating around for a few weeks, but we have yet to see one become official. This new leak suggests that the name could the LG G3S and that the phone will feature a dual-SIM card slot. With dual-SIM support, the G3S is likely intended for countries where dual-SIM support is important, such asĀ India and China.LG G3S

Not much else is known about the device, but the picture to the right shows us a smaller version of the full-sized LG G3. Like most mini phones, the G3S will probably feature reduced specs and a lower price tag, making it popular in developing markets. Though we wouldn’t say no to more manufacturers taking a leaf out of Sony’s book and creating mini phones with the same specs as their larger counterparts.

Are you a fan of mini phones? Let us know in the comments!

Source: @evleaks

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  • Nigel

    I agree that mini phones with high specs are needed.

    As fan of the bigger tablets I got screen size and phone is for moving use and the Nexus 4 is about as big as I want. Nexus 5 currently but its a tad big. Still need fast CPU and lots of storage.

    • robertkoa

      Yes, I agree with Nigel and am lobbying for more powerful compact
      Phones up to a 4.5″ or 4.7″ screen
      with the Device Size about 5.1″ Tall.

      Moto X sized, Galaxy S 5 Mini sized
      But , removable battery, powerful
      13 megapixel or more Camera ( for real estate, Interior Design Pros etc.).

      And a powerful quad core processor.

      These compact phones will be almost the same price as Flagship and I am not sure how big the Market is for this.

      BUT -These smaller screens will be less prone to breakage and the Phones will perform as well as Flagships, maybe a little faster.

      The IPhone 6 will have a 4.7″ screen but the large Bezels will make it a 5.5″ tall Device , Galaxy S4, S5 sized.

      IF there is a 10% Market Segment that wants a smaller Compact Phone with near Flagship specs we will see more.

      Galaxy S5 Mini nice but underpowered and only 8 megapixel Camera-still $450 to $500 or more, if it sells very well, perhaps a Pro Version with full specs ?

      HTC ONE M8 mini- has only 1 GIG RAM, and the AT&T Version I checked out did not have the same Volume at Speakers (?) as the full sized Version.

      Sony ZI Compact has weird plastic coating on Glass not needed and a BAD low output speaker-the Z2 or Z3
      Compact can correct this…and maybe removable battery for power users…..

      LG G3 Mini looks pretty good but needs 4.7″ not 5″ screen and more power CPU and Camera.

      The full G3 is only $600.
      A 4.7″ screen at same price, same specs might be perfect.

  • kevin

    This handset is for CIS market only

  • #tu

    Agree it should be 5 inch with all same specs with 1080p with 2800mh battery or if they could squeezea bit more juice it would be a corker

  • mrh

    The LG G phones are really good hope this one will have similar specs to G2, and hope they will keep screen size in the 4″ range, these big phone are annoying for people who work in harsh work environments