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LG G3 suiting up in Moon Violet and Burgundy Red next month

LG G3 Colors

LG is coating the G3 in two new colors for release next month. When the G3 was announced, five colors were shown off. In the months since, only three of the colors have made it to market, leaving everyone scratching their heads as to what happened to purple and red. LG has now stepped in to let us all know that the colors are on their way and will arrive next month. Dubbed Moon Violet and Burgundy Red, the new colors will be released in select regions and in coordination with carriers.

As a major flagship, the LG G3 has a goal of catering to a wide market. One of the ways to make the device more appealing is to allow people to at least have a color that gives their device a bit of a personal touch. And besides that, who doesn’t love a good purple phone?

Source: PhoneArena

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  • Steve

    I just got my black 32gb g3 on sunday. I have been thinking about it and i have decided to trade it for a new z2 with aluminum case, magnetic dock, and magnetic charger. My reason for this was battery life and looks i think. Both cameras are the best and way ahead of samsung and htc

  • Nigel

    $650 phone …..

    …. something is happening to it about how it looks, but don’t care, its a $650 phone.

    How much of that $650 funds the Svengali’s to make people be indoctrinated into thinking they need it? The high price must work, so many people been made to think they should buy it.

  • Dave Kratter

    Either the colors are off, or that “Burgundy Red” looks more like a dark pink to me. Burgundy is a very deep and saturated color, it can’t be washed out like what we see above, otherwise you get a dark shade of pink.