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LG G3 variants for all four major U.S. carriers shown off in leaked renders


The LG G3 is only a couple of weeks away from making its official debut in the U.S. As many mobile tech lovers know, though, even a couple of weeks can feel like an eternity when you’re excited for a new piece of hardware. Luckily for us, the rumor mill is here to make the wait a bit easier.

The Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile versions of the LG G3 have leaked out in a set of renders ahead of their launches. The AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile G3s look fairly similar to the international variant, with AT&T and T-Mobile opting to include their branding on the unit’s backside. Verizon took things a step further by slapping its logo on the G3’s face as well.

There’s nothing terribly surprising that’s revealed in this latest LG G3 leak, as we’ve seen before that Verizon can get a bit logo-happy when it comes to its hardware. Still, it’s nice to get a peek at what all four models will look like ahead of their U.S. launches, especially for those of us that plan to pick one up.

The LG G3 is slated to launch at T-Mobile on July 16 and Sprint on July 18. Rumors have suggested that Verizon will launch its version smack dab in the middle of those two dates on July 17. Are you thinking about buying the LG G3? To get prepared, or to help make up your mind, be sure to read our LG G3 review right here!

Source: @evleaks

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  • Frank

    Take a closer look at the Verizon phone. The back is different, not the metallic look like the others. It’s more black, as well as the bottom front. And they’ve added chrome bling around the camera and power button. But I really dislike their branding-happy approach, putting it on the front of devices. All these changes together = Fail… (imo, of course).

    • Nate B.

      It’s just not needed. They do all that and make it seem like you’re getting something different from other carriers. It’s not needed. It looks like it might be a matte finish it glossy plastic. Guess we will see soon enough.

    • joemama

      You mad about the carrier branding?…cry me a river. Get over it (or write a letter to your Congressman).

      • Eli Gaffke

        Exactly!!! You are going to put a case on it anyhow, so why does it matter?

  • JC

    Why didn’t the article also mention the hard-to-miss change in back color and front bezel design on the Verizon version? Yes the logos are absolutely awful, but the not subtle change in every other part is just as bad….

    AND this is exactly why I am finally dropping Verizon the day the T-Mobile version comes out in a week…cannot fricken WAIT….

    • saywhat?

      Leaving becz of a logo?…that’s hilarious. Good luck with your half-ass coverage!…whoever u choose.

  • nottoolate

    I’m gonna need an international version like my D-802 G2. You can keep those.

  • vividblu

    what about at&t??

    • Matt

      AT&T is the second one.

  • Bob

    I feel bad for Verzion customers lol and Verizon should drop the 4g lte branding, we all get it by now!

  • Alba

    I will choose AT&T carrier for LG G3 along with a wireless charging pad as I am impressed with its 5.5 inch display and 3000mAh battery backup. I am just waiting for 17th July.

  • overzeetop

    DaFuq? Verizon, you kill me. I am wedded to the $40 unlimited data plan but oh you are such an ice mistress in bed. Why do you hate us so?

    My prayer: The inductive charging back I’ll have to buy will replace that fingerprint magnet with the swoosh logo.

  • pinkbishop

    What about tmobile?