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Microsoft and Nokia discontinue Android-powered Nokia X line


We’ve always dreamed of Nokia releasing a high end Android device with the body of a Lumia. The camera, build quality, and general Nokia design is alluring, but we wanted our favorite mobile OS on it. The chances were slim, but rumors of an Android-powered Nokia device pushed on. And what we got wasn’t exactly great.

The Nokia X was a cheap, low end Android device with a heavy Windows Phone-like skin. No one was impressed, but it gave us hope. If Nokia is working with Android, maybe a higher end device is in the works! Sadly, that isn’t happening. Microsoft has officially discontinued the Nokia X line in its current form, stating that future devices will run Windows Phone.

This is the end of Nokia’s adventure with Android, at least for a good long while. And really, nothing good came out of it anyway. Still, we mourn for what could have been. For now, let Nokia use Windows Phone and attempt to gain traction in this tough market. How do you feel about Nokia dropping Android? Leave a comment!

Via: Droid-Life

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  • Nigel

    dinosaurs didn’t die but became birds.

    like the dodo.

    Microsoft hasn’t died but become weird like bloated tablet OS or say what they’re doing to Nokia.

  • Michael Gillin

    How long was that out for- 3 months? The Apple/IBM partnership looks to be another nail in the Microsoft coffin

  • siseko

    I’m very sad about what Nokia did.

    We love nokia very much and its a company we trust, we would love them to continue with android because that will open up nice opportunities for us android is a very inter active OS.

    Nokia must think again.

    • kelvin

      So sad to hear that Microsoft discontinued with Nokia meanwhile all my dreams realie on Nokia android………. Please let them take correction and come back to meet people’s dreams……. Hope to see them in higher quality.

  • sparky2107

    Well i believe, lately but its good they dropped that weird idea. NOKIA + Android….No way.

    I wish if i can see some sort of new version of Symbian + Windows OS in Nokia.
    More advanced feature more user friendly that Nokia use to do and made it to rule a era.

    Microsoft should think of getting those old n golden days back again with lot new add-ons n features.

  • Nazrae

    Actually, Nokia’s biggest mistake was to appoint Stephen Elop as the CEO for Nokia. Hoping that this so-called person would bring Nokia to a higher level but instead Elop dissected Nokia and sold it off to Microsoft and the end of Nokia started. Hundreds of people lost their jobs and some even came out with their own mobile phone brand, namely Jolla.

    As Nokia Devices & Services cannot go further unless granted by the parent company (Microsoft). Microsoft did let the Nokia Devices & Services have a go with Nokia X running on Android. But with ONE condition, the phone cannot be higher than the current Lumia flagship.

    We hoped that Nokia will still continue with Android and for the least produce a phone which is capable of doing what the current Windows Phone can’t. But Microsoft/ Windows Mobile cannot allow this to happen as Microsoft has already put their proposed product Nokia by Windows Mobile on the line.

    Though it may well be an interesting device if they did allow it.

  • boone simpson

    I swear Microsoft did this on purpose.

    They release a crappy android phone as a way to say “android isn’t good”

    Of course it isn’t when you take out what is good (and hobble the ecosystem that is google powered) and release low end hardware

  • BlazeHN

    Poor Nokia… from the king of mobiles to some kind of Blackberry just waiting for its total extinction. JUST because they didnt hop in the Android train when it was the correct time (and they never did at all). They would be above SAMSUNG at this day easily with their super premium hardware and the OS of the future: Android, on a high end device = dreamed phone… never happened. Too bad. Goodbye again Nokia, you were the best.

  • Abdul Razak

    On Thursday July 2014 Microsoft announced that it will cut 18,000 jobs of which 12,500 will be from its recent acquired Nokia’s phone division.

  • Joe Graham

    Its probably for the best. The Windows Phone OS is turning into an awesome product, and having Android devices in the line up would probably be an unneeded distraction. At least now they can focus on one platform, and do it well

    • Whatever

      How can I trust a company (M$) that build a new system saying it’s the future and will get a lot of attention and support… then 3 month later it get dismantled…

      How can I trust a company (M$) that buy Nokia to make great phones with it’s OS and once Nokia announces a new great phone, few days later, M$ say that there’s a new OS version and that new version is incompatible with all hardware already sold including top gamma of nokia that just started to sell them?

      How can I trust a company (M$) after it lost tons of user data… saying that was a problem of a company.. without telling that that company was acquired many many year before by microsoft and was a microsoft compagny operated?

  • GoogleIsEvil

    The Nokia X was a buyable refutation to the “Nokia should have forked Android” train of thought. One article said that Nokia should have simply made their own version of Android, with their own appstore. We are now seeing how that’s working for Amazon (the reception to the Fire Phone is mixed, and every review complains about the apps), The Nokia X was made to tell these people “you’re wrong”.

    What this shows above all is that we need an Open Android Market, one not controlled by any tech giant. This open market could be freely used by any manufacturer, and they could fork it. Therefore, while still having access to all of its apps, the manufacturer could brand it, change its interface, and curate however they wished,

  • khan

    I think that nokia should be purchased by Google….. for android phones in the market… …… love u nokia…….