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Moto X+1 prototype photos show Moto X-like design, aluminum outer edge


There have been a multitude of Moto X+1 leaks in recent months, but most of them have focused on the device’s name or its customization options. Today we’re finally getting a look at what may be the X+1 itself.

An Android Police source has shared several photos of what’s said to be a “near-final prototype” of the Moto X+1, complete with a Moto X-like design and wooden backside. The front of the device looks similar to the Moto X, but one change is that it’s got a front speaker similar to the one found on the Moto E. The X+1’s screen is said to measure 5.1 inches, up from the 4.7-inch screen found on the X.


The outer edge of this Moto X+1 prototype is said to be made of aluminum rather than the plastic edge of the Moto X. Finally, the backside of this Moto X+1 features a large camera module with a dual LED flash as well as an inset Motorola logo.

Rumors have suggested that the Moto X+1 could debut at the end of September, a little over a year after the original Moto X’s debut. If that is indeed the case, then it’s likely that Motorola is pretty much finished with the Moto X+1 hardware at this point. Interestingly, though, the device in these images is missing the “M” with a circle around it like we’ve seen on previous Motorola prototype hardware.

What do you think of this purported Moto X+1?

Source: Android Police

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  • Dan

    I’m throwing money at the screen is nothing is happening?

    Now let’s just hope they don’t do any dumb shenanigans with Moto Maker, like “Only for X carrier for the first month,” or “X option only becomes available two months after launcher.”

  • surethom

    Motorola/Lenovo, Please release the 32gb version here in the UK this time, not just the Low 1gb version.

    The 2 LED flash lights, seem way way too close to the camera, LED lights are suppose to be not so close otherwise they cause every partial of dust to appear in the photo.

    • Mil

      Yep, they could also cause glare into the camera lens too.

  • surethom

    Love the Duel Front facing speaker, Hate speaker on the back of a phone thats just bad lazy design.

  • Ian B

    Front looks like any Galaxy S phone.

    Ian B

  • Donovan A

    Perfect combo. Has an M7 owner, I’ve been waiting for a phone with metal casing but different textured back

  • Dave

    I am so here for this! The Moto X was my kind of device. I had it, and the only complaints I had was : A) The Camera B ) The speakers, and C) The storage. I got mine from Republic Wireless when it was only available in Black and White and only the 16GB model. They have since upgraded the storage for the regular Moto X. Now, they have also updated the speakers, it is said to be available in 32GB and 64GB’s at launch, and I heard the camera has improved, and that’s why it’s taking a while for it to release because they were trying to figure out which sensor they were going to use, and that they really wanted to work on making a better quality camera. So, they have me now! I’m just waiting for that release date, and to click “Purchase.”

  • Joob

    I like it, but I’m growing tired of the aluminum-with-antenna-band-gaps look that’s on pretty much everything nowadays. Maybe IR impermeable materials are just not the way to go?

    I mean here are the phones I can think of that do the exact same thing:
    iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, and probably the next one if the rumors are to be believed
    Nokia 925, 930
    HTC One M7 and M8 (albeit the M8 does it more cleanly than the rest)
    Xiaomi mi4
    And there’s probably more.

    There has to be another way to do this, maybe with some trade-offs, but differently. I just don’t think anyone is trying hard enough to break the status quo in this regard; not Apple, who’s been doing this for 4+ generations, not anyone else.