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Motorola really, really wants you to buy a cheap Moto X

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How many times has Motorola put the Moto X on sale now? No, seriously, we’ve lost count. Just last week Motorola was selling the device for as little as $299 off-contract, and now it’s happening again. The company must really need to get rid of these things.

From now until July 31 (that’s a full week), the Moto X will be on sale starting at $299 for the 16GB version, up to $375 for the 64GB model. While we absolutely loved the Motorola Moto X in the past, there comes a time when every phone needs to give up its moment in the sun. With the superior Nexus 5 popping up for around $330 all over the internet lately, and phones like the OnePlus making waves, the Moto X simply isn’t as good of a deal as it used to be.

Software-wise the Moto X may still be one of the most compelling Android phones available, but with Motorola obviously trying to get rid of as many Moto X units as possible, you have to imagine the oft-rumored Moto X+1 will be coming out any day now. We don’t usually advocate waiting for the next big phone to drop instead of buying and enjoying what’s available now, but this time we think it really will be worth the wait.

Source: Motorola

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  • Dan

    Not interested myself, but I encourage others to take advantage of this deal if it means that clearing out old stock means a quicker Moto X+1 launch!

  • slimx30

    still to much. they need to make it 199.99 The phone is even more outdated now with those specs.

  • Ichigo

    It’s overpriced. Make it $199 and we can talk otherwise I m not paying that much for this phone

  • byemute

    Honestly? I’m going to buy another one (already have one) as backup phone.

    First owned the N5 (bad battery life) –> Moto G –> Moto x

    The Moto x attracts me the most, fast, stock, good battery + uniqueness (in switzerland, nobody has a wooden back nor a moto x)

    I freakingly love this phone!

  • Romdude

    Kinda sad this didn’t come out with 1080p, I would have been all over it. With the new Moto X, they made the screen too big, I think 4.7 inch was a good size or 5 inch if you are able to shrink all the bezels so overall size doesn’t increase much. Cmon Motorola, listen to customers and buck the trend. Put out a good quality phone that is just the right size but with 1080p and a better camera and I’m sure you’ll make a lot more sales.