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OnePlus announces Blizzard of Invites in the middle of summer


OnePlus has announced a new “Blizzard of Invites” to help you celebrate Christmas in July. The OnePlus One is still only available from OnePlus through an invite system, making it hard to get a hold of. The One Plus Blizzard of Invites is making that a bit easier by giving out another 5,000 invites. Simply head to the source link below and fill out the info to get a chance to win an invite. You’d better hurry, though, as the blizzard only lasts until tomorrow.

While the OnePlus One impressed us when it was first released, it still feels like a beta product and the delivery system isn’t helping. Plenty of folks out there would have purchased a OnePlus One when it was released if not for all the hoops to go through to get one. Next time around, hopefully OnePlus will stick to a more traditional methodĀ of selling its product.

Via: Android Central

Source: OnePlus

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  • 99steven

    What a crock of shit. I have been waiting 4 months for a stupid invite and I am only like number 120,000 obviously OPPO can’t make phones. Samsung can make 10 million a month and OPPO can’t even make 120,000 in 2 months. You said everyone would have an invite by the end of June liars

    • Nigel

      All members who waited 4 months have their phones.

      I’ve got one on order and I waited 2 months.

      Accept, this is the asinine way to run a business. I really do think they need to do a drugs raid, or send our leaders to visit the aliens. It doesn’t make sense out here in homo sapiens sober world.

  • jay555

    What a joke…I say we all just get the Xiaomi Mi 4 and tell these morons at OPPO to take their invites and shove ‘em right up their…

  • BlazeHN


  • Sunny
  • Eldric

    I wanted one but now they can keep it I would not use this phone if it was giving to me I hope that they go under just for been stupid

  • /s

    I will share my invites with you for free if I win the contest. is.gd/bCYPT7

  • Ruben Morales

    Big android geek would love an opportunity for a invite


  • ola

    I need an invite to spend my money? get out of here.